World Test Championship Format Needs A Review: ICC Chairman Barclay

New Delhi: 4 days after India captain Virat Kohli described the brand new proportion factors system of the much-debated World Take a look at Championship (WTC) as “very confusing, very difficult to understand why”, new ICC chairman Gregor John Barclay mentioned on Monday that its format wanted a overview after the Covid-affected maiden version is accomplished.

The ICC not too long ago launched factors system that ranks groups on proportion of factors (PCT) as an alternative of the general factors earned, after a number of sequence/matches couldn’t happen on account of Covid pandemic around the globe.

“Some of the issues that we have already got around the calendar, I do wonder whether they came from adjusting and attempting to develop a Test Championship, which was clearly designed to drive interest back into Test cricket,” Barclay, who took over the ICC reins on Wednesday, mentioned throughout a choose digital media interplay.

Barcley, 59, mentioned his private view is that when the WTC is accomplished the ICC may return to the drafting board and overview its construction taking the whole lot into consideration.

“From an idealistic point of view, it (WTC) probably had a lot of merit, but I do disagree on whether in practice it has achieved what it was intended to do. My personal view is: let’s get through the little bit that we can taking into account — (the break induced by) Covid-19 and the ability to reallocate points,” he mentioned.

“…once we’ve done that we would probably go back to the drawing board to have a look as I am not just quite sure that it has entirely served the purpose and perhaps achieved what we might have achieved when it was conceptualised four-five years ago,” mentioned Barclay, a certified lawyer.

On Thursday, Kohli had lashed out on the ICC for “suddenly” altering the factors system of WTC matches that may decide which two high groups would qualify for the ultimate subsequent 12 months.

“It is definitely surprising because we were told the points are the matter of contention with the top two teams qualifying. Now, suddenly, become percentage out of nowhere. It is very confusing, very difficult to understand why. If such a thing had been told to us from day one, then it would have been easier for us to understand. But it happened out of nowhere. For further questions, ICC should be asked why this has been done and what are the reasons behind this,” mentioned Kohli.

The Anil Kumble-headed ICC Cricket Committee proposed the swap to PCT earlier than the ICC Board authorised it on November 20.

“The unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19 means, to date, just under half of the World Test Championship matches have been played, with that estimated to rise to more than 85% by the end of the competition window. Current regulations dictate that matches not completed shall be treated as a draw with points split. The Cricket Committee considered maintaining that status quo or determining the final World Test Championship League standings from matches played,” the ICC had mentioned in an announcement.

On the difficulty of amalgamation of T20 leagues and bilateral cricket into the ICC calendar, Barclay indicated that every one ought to co-exist.

“All forms of cricket need to be taken into account when we are looking at a calendar. The calendar is becoming incredibly congested and, quite frankly, something has to give in somewhere. There has got to be compromise to make it all work. I do respect that each country has a complete right to develop its own domestic competition, and as long as it is meeting with ICC requirements then it should be properly and appropriately sanctioned by the ICC,” mentioned the Hamilton-born Barclay.

“So I don’t have any problem with the professional leagues. Clearly, there is a demand from the playing point of view, as well as fans and commercial point of view. Let’s accept that domestic cricket leagues are here to stay and they have been incredibly contributing to the growth of interest in cricketers. They are entertaining products that is produced, if you look across the more established ones like the Indian Premier League, the Big Bash League, and the Caribbean Premier League,” he mentioned on the difficulty of availability of gamers for his or her international locations and T20 leagues.


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