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TUCKER CARLSON: One other day of rumors and thinly sourced information tales

One other day of rumors and thinly sourced information tales. What’s new? These about when and the place Donald Trump will likely be arrested, fingerprinted and photographed in opposition to a cinder block wall for his mug shot. How a lot of that is true? As soon as once more, we can’t say. Here is what we all know. A Soros-funded prosecutor in New York, a person who ran on the promise to indict Trump, appears to be working laborious to indict Trump and getting him for a criminal offense that nobody even pretends is a criminal offense, together with the federal company that has already investigated and declared it on a criminal offense. So, in Manhattan tomorrow, what will definitely be an overwhelmingly liberal grand jury will meet and until one thing sudden occurs, Democrats can have taken the unprecedented step of utilizing a corrupt justice system to take out the frontrunner within the Republican presidential area in a presidential race and if that occurs, America won’t ever be the identical. You have to hope that for the sake of the nation, the Biden White Home, which will likely be operating in opposition to Trump, will put the nation above partisanship and cease this, that Merrick Garland at DOJ will problem a really public assertion saying that that is flawed, which it’s, and subsequently protect for our grandchildren our justice system. 

As of tonight, it would not appear to be taking place. In truth, as of tonight, it is not simply Trump who’s the goal of this. It is Trump’s voters. The Biden administration is within the means of making ready one more legislation enforcement dragnet of greater than a thousand nonviolent January 6 protesters. These should not individuals who broke home windows or tussled with cops. These are patriotic Individuals who questioned, who dared to query, the official story of the 2020 election. They watched with the remainder of us as COVID was used as a pretext to remove long-standing obstacles to voter fraud.

They noticed a democratic partisan Mark Zuckerberg spent almost half a billion {dollars} to affect the mechanics of voting, together with in essential swing states. Nonetheless, as they watched the information on the evening of November 3, Trump appeared to be successful reelection after which they wakened and smug TV anchors are telling them that really a senile man who refused to marketing campaign had received the most important landslide in American historical past. He bought 15 million extra votes than Barack Obama. They had been skeptical. They didn’t purchase that. So, they went to Washington to protest.

They thought that was their proper and in consequence, January 6. That was greater than two years in the past. What did these individuals appear to be? Nicely, considered one of them was Jacob Chansley. We performed a video of him a number of weeks in the past. They informed you he was a terrorist. Here is what he was really doing contained in the Capitol.

Here is a video of Chansley within the Senate chamber. Capitol law enforcement officials take him to a number of entrances and even attempt to open locked doorways for him. We counted a minimum of 9 officers who had been inside touching distance of unarmed Jacob Chansley. Not considered one of them even tried to sluggish him down. Chansley understood that Capitol Police had been his allies. Video reveals him giving thanks for them in a prayer on the ground of the Senate. Watch.

JACOB CHANSLEY, “QANON SHAMAN”: Thanks Heavenly Father for taking the inspiration wanted to those law enforcement officials to permit us into the constructing. 


That is what Jacob Chansley really did. There have been individuals on January 6 who dedicated violence. They’ve been arrested. Jacob Chansley didn’t commit violence. By the way in which, he was arrested. He is spending 4 years in jail. A thousand individuals have already been arrested for that and most of them did what Jacob Chansley did. They stroll via what we used to name the Individuals’s Home, and a few of them are nonetheless in jail tonight. So, you assumed that ugly story was over, a minimum of the legislation enforcement element of it, however no, it is not over. It is simply getting began.

The Biden administration has recognized a thousand further Trump voters for non-crimes that they declare came about on January 6, largely strolling as Jacob Chansley did. In current months, in accordance with a narrative in The Washington Submit, U.S. Legal professional Matthew Graves, a keen software of the Biden administration, has written to court docket officers “alerting them that a further 700 to 1,200 individuals could also be charged stemming from January 6.” What number of is that? Nicely, this can represent the biggest investigation within the historical past of the Division of Justice by an order of magnitude. This dragnet is so huge that prosecutors are warning D.C. jails and prisons will likely be overrun with prisoners, prisoners you may at this level solely describe as political prisoners. 

The Washington Submit stories that “In current months, legislation enforcement and judicial authorities have engaged in discussions to handle this enormous quantity of January 6 instances with out overwhelming the courthouse the place pleas and trials are held.” That is wicked and it is malicious. Bear in mind, it was simply two weeks in the past that we bought 1000’s of hours of surveillance footage from January 6, footage the federal government and the committee had hidden from the general public and in some instances from these defendants within the prosecutions. They did this on safety grounds. These grounds had been bogus. We proved that. The footage, after we noticed it, proved the federal government had been mendacity about what occurred contained in the constructing on January 6 and as we simply confirmed you, they lied about Jacob Chansley, the so-called QAnon shaman. He was not the one one, however within the tape that we confirmed you only a second in the past and two weeks in the past, Chansley is seen strolling across the inside the Capitol with the police escort. Police led him to the Senate chamber. Now, you aren’t allowed to see that footage as a result of it painted a really totally different image from the parable that they had been pressure feeding you on tv for 2 years.


Chansley’s attorneys did not see it, it turned out. The choose who sentenced Chansley to a life destroying time period in jail was not in a position to see it. So, all that anyone knew was that Chansley had dedicated some form of act of terrorism. They didn’t know the reality. Now that we do know, nonetheless, it is fairly gorgeous that they are making an attempt to arrest as much as 1,200 extra individuals. Now, no matter you consider Jacob Chansley or Donald Trump, for those who cared about civil liberties, you’ll be outraged by this. That is as grave a constitutional violation as you may have. On this nation, the prosecution has to, for constitutional and ethical causes, turnover exculpatory proof to the protection. That didn’t occur. That is flawed. This man is rotting in jail. His life has ended for a criminal offense he didn’t commit and that he was not allowed to pretty defend himself in opposition to, however liberals did not care. They not appear to have any curiosity in justice or civil rights. Simply immediately, the MSNBC Morning Present was persevering with to lie about Jacob Chansley telling its viewers that he’s a terrorist who doesn’t deserve rights. Watch. 

SCARBOROUGH: So, for those who lie about what occurred on January 6, for those who attempt to redefine it as you recognize, and attempt to redefine saying, “Oh, the bizarre man sporting the horns.” I do not know who individuals are making an attempt to say, “Oh, he was only a peaceable man and he by no means walked via a window.” Increase. A few seconds later, we bought reporters like Mr. Riley who will say, effectively, really, have a look at this video. Right here he’s strolling via a damaged window.

So, as a factual matter, as if you’ll want to be reminded you she simply heard is a lie, provably, Jacob Chansley didn’t stroll via a damaged window. He walked via an open door and once more he walked into the Senate as a result of the door was being held by a uniformed police officer with a gun. This footage is offered to everybody, together with the anchors on MSNBC. They know this. They’re mendacity anyway. They do not care about what really occurred and extra critically, they do not care in regards to the civil rights of the person whose life was destroyed.

What you simply noticed is a measure of the whole ethical corruption of our information media and the establishments they serve in Washington. It has implications for you if they’re going to endorse the unjust destruction of 1 man. They don’t have any limits. They may do something and now, with these impending arrests, they’re displaying you what they are going to do. So, for those who assist the flawed presidential candidate, you get arrested and do not get to see exculpatory proof in your trial. Apparently, these are the principles, however for those who do vote the proper manner, you receives a commission. 


Democrats increase cash to your bail while you commit violent crimes. So, they’ve pressured taxpayers to present you cash after the very fact. Onerous to consider that is taking place, however it’s. The town of Philadelphia simply agreed to pay almost $10 million to tons of of people that say they had been, “injured within the police response to the BLM riots of 2020.” Now, not one of the companies in Philadelphia that had been burned get cash, after all. They do not have rights. They’re small companies. They might vote the flawed manner. Obama’s DHS secretary is pleased with that. In truth, he says anybody who supported the January 6 protesters in any manner, even when they by no means stepped foot within the Capitol constructing, should be rounded up and charged with riot. Watch. 

JEH JOHNSON: January 6 was the very definition of an riot. In my opinion, it is within the nationwide curiosity that in prosecuting these instances, we name it what it was. , we learn that the particular prosecutor is considering fees for obstruction of the official continuing, fraud. This was an riot. , let’s name it what it was and the riot statute punishes not simply those that participated within the riot, however those that incite it and provides help and luxury thereto. So, in investigating former President Trump and others round him, I believe we actually do should name it what it’s. I believe it is within the nationwide curiosity.

It was in no sense an riot. It was neither armed nor organized. It was a political protest that at occasions turned violent and morphed, sadly, right into a riot, but it surely was not an riot. That could be a lie and so they know it is a lie. These are individuals who consider the election was stolen. They definitely had cause to suppose that, however as a substitute of convincing them it wasn’t stolen, as a substitute of calming their fears by telling them what precisely Mark Zuckerberg’s $400 million was doing in our election system, as a substitute of explaining that regardless of the very fact we modified the way in which we vote, no voting fraud came about, as a substitute of explaining why voting appeared to cease in some locations, did it? Did it not? Why do not you inform us as a substitute of doing any of that, as you’ll in a democracy? They informed them to close up.

Everyone informed them to close up. Each information channel in America informed them to close up and a few did not need to so that they went to Washington for January 6. Right here these individuals, having already found out that, hey, we will use police energy to crush the opposite facet, are fantasizing about locking up anyone who protests Donald Trump’s imminent arrest in New York. You virtually get the sense they need these protesters to commit crimes to allow them to go to Rikers. Watch because the MSNBC panel derides what appears to be psychosexual pleasure from the opportunity of one other January 6 in New York Metropolis. Watch this.


SCARBOROUGH: We have got one thing referred to as video and it reveals nonetheless that it was a riot. It was an tried riot and so they hold going to jail and so for individuals who suppose they’ll screw with the NYPD immediately, keep on the opposite facet of the bridge. It isn’t going to go effectively. Even when they arrive into New York Metropolis and break the legislation, they’ll jail. It is fairly easy. Break the legislation, go to jail. There isn’t any post-truth world in relation to the court docket system, proper?

JEH JOHNSON: They will Rikers. Pretrial detention.  

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, Rikers and by the way in which, a one-way ticket to anyone stated it, Rikers. Have day.

JONATHAN LEMIRE: Over the lengthy bridge there to Rikers Island, the NYPD specializes, notably post-9/11, in actual reveals of pressure 


A few of us won’t ever tire of listening to Joe Scarborough demand that we lock up individuals who break the legislation. The filthier you’re, the extra hypocritical you’re, after all, however what’s so attention-grabbing is the way you by no means see these exact same individuals fantasize about locking up, say, the murderers or rapists or armed robbers or individuals who push aged ladies in entrance of subway vehicles who’re making New York Metropolis unlivable. It is a metropolis wherein the murder charge jumped greater than 50% from 2019 to 2021 due to their insurance policies. They do not care about that. They don’t seem to be mad on the murderers who trigger shootings to extend greater than 100% in that very same interval. They don’t seem to be mad that Alvin Bragg, their new favourite prosecutor, dropped 70% of prison instances, precise prison instances, since taking workplace, in order that these identical criminals can proceed to terrorize poor individuals in neighborhoods the place MSNBC anchors do not reside. Attempt that in Manctucket and see if it really works. 

Do not suppose they’d put up with it. They do not need these criminals locked up. They need protesters who vote the flawed approach to get locked up. Now it goes with out saying. That is an inversion of what you are purported to need in a sane society. In a sane society, you let elections decide who has political energy. You do not fantasize about your political opponents going to jail. You do not need an actual present of pressure to discourage constitutionally protected protests as a result of these protests are the signal of a free society. You are happy with that. The individuals can protest. They do not should be violent.

They will say what they suppose, however that has modified during the last two years beneath the Biden administration. Here is federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin on 60 Minutes in 2021 in tape that we’ll always remember. Talking about Americans, bragging in regards to the DOJ utilizing, “shock and awe” to spherical up as many Trump supporters as potential to discourage them from protesting Joe Biden’s inauguration, which they’ve a constitutional proper to do. Watch this.

MICHAEL SHERWIN: After the sixth, we had an inauguration on the 20th. So, I needed to make sure in our workplace, we need to be certain that there was shock and awe, that we may cost as many individuals as potential earlier than the 20th and it labored as a result of we noticed via media posts that individuals had been afraid to come back again to DC as a result of they had been like, “If we go there, we’ll get charged.” We needed to take out these people that primarily had been thumbing their noses on the public for what they did. 

Shock and awe. Take out these people. Is not that the way you deal with ISIS? These are Individuals you are speaking about, pal. That man in a free nation would don’t have any energy by any means over his fellow residents and as a substitute he is launching a brand new battle on terror in opposition to individuals who vote otherwise from him. That is larger than Donald Trump, and it has been for a very long time and now it is escalating.


So, are the Republicans you need or the individuals you vote for who’re purported to be defending you from this however the nation from devolving into one thing unrecognizable? The place’s Mitch McConnell, by the way in which? He is the lead Republican within the Senate. The place’s Thom Tillis, the liberal Republican from North Carolina? The place is John Cornyn of Texas, the place all the opposite Republican senators who stated, shut up, you should not see the videotape from January 6? 

Are these individuals on board with arresting a thousand extra nonviolent January 6 protesters, their voters? We requested them. We did not get any replies. Lindsey Graham, spokesman, did ship over this totally humiliating response “You certain put a variety of belief in The Washington Submit. We take most of what we learn there with a grain of salt.” Huh? So, the U.S. lawyer in Washington publicizes in federal court docket that he’ll haul one other thousand, possibly 1,200 Trump voters to jail and the response from individuals like Lindsey Graham and the remainder of these individuals in the USA, that Republicans you voted for, is don’t be concerned about it. They’re saying the identical factor as a Manhattan D.A. threatens to place Donald Trump, the main Republican presidential candidate, in handcuffs. That is shameful. They refuse to defend the Structure or their very own voters and we actually hope via the electoral system, they’re punished at one level quickly.

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