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‘MediaBuzz’ on media response to the top of Roe v. Wade

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It is a rush transcript from “MediaBuzz,” June 26, 2022. This copy is probably not in its closing type and could also be up to date.

HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NEWS HOST: All of us knew it was coming. The leak of that draft Supreme Courtroom opinion to Politico made clear to the media and political world that the excessive courtroom had the votes to overturn Roe v. Wade, and but for the reason that courtroom’s six-three ruling got here down Friday tossing out a 50-year choice sparking protests throughout the nation, the media appears surprised another time, many pundits being unusually motional together with political leaders. 


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Now, with Roe gone, let’s be very clear, the well being and life of ladies on this nation are actually in danger. 

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY (R-CA), HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: The folks have gained a victory. The correct to life has been vindicated. The unvoiced will lastly have a voice. 

RACHEL MADDOW, HOST, MSNBC: Right now begins an period of very, very, very huge authorities the place it is the federal government that decides if you are going to have a child or not. 

LAURA INGRAHAM, Fox Information HOST: Some days you get to rejoice and provides thanks that you just had been alive when our prayers had been lastly answered, and the US of America lastly did the best factor. Right now is a type of days. 

CLAIRE MCCASKILL, POLITICAL ANALYST, MSNBC: It is unbelievable. I’m going between despair and anger similar to my daughters. 

JENNIFER RODGERS, LEGAL ANALYST, CNN: It is a heartbreaking betrayal of half of the nation. I am so indignant. You realize, watching the ladies there. It is emotional. 

TUCKER CARLSON, Fox Information HOST: Voters get to resolve how they wish to reside. That is an excessive ideology that upsets the stability of energy one way or the other? 

CHRIS HAYES, HOST, MSNBC: A proper enshrined within the Structure as intimate as any proper one may think about has been discarded and destroy by 5 unelected justices. 

JESSE WATTERS, Fox Information HOST: The Democrats are being dishonest about this choice. It is a determined try to scare their voters into turning out in November. 


KURTZ: I am Howard Kurtz, and that is MEDIA BUZZ. 

Becoming a member of us now to research the protection, Molly Hemingway, editor-in-chief of The Federalist, and in Los Angeles Leslie Marshall, the radio speak present host. Each are Fox Information contributors. 

Mollie, it is no secret that the majority journalists are pro-choice. Do you suppose main information organizations are being honest in the best way they’re framing this reversal of Roe provided that it is returned to elected officers in every state? 

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: You realize, the entire purpose I acquired fascinated with media criticism was as a result of I noticed early on how the media portrayed the abortion debate. They’re so one-sided, the language they select, the best way that they, you recognize, what they select to explain and what they select to not describe. 

And so, it’s on no account shocking the best way that they coated this return of abortion legal guidelines to the folks. However they did a really unhealthy job of precisely conveying what the choice says, what it signifies, and what American folks give it some thought. 

KURTZ: Leslie, regardless of how strongly you and others really feel that the choice is improper, I imply, somebody like AOC saying the ruling is illegitimate, is it honest for commentators to be attacking the Supreme Courtroom? And you’ll reply to Mollie’s level as effectively. 

LESLIE MARSHALL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Completely. Is not that our first modification proper, is not that our first modification proper to talk in opposition to a courtroom that’s not elected by we, the folks. And with all due respect to Mollie who I like personally and professionally although we could not agree on a lot, I believe we will discover one thing we will agree on, I do not agree that that is going again to the folks. 

That is going to states. We’ve 41 bans and now we have 26 states, 10 of these states won’t have any tensions for rape or incest. We are able to get to that dialogue later. After which, in fact, there may be the rumblings of Republicans in the event that they turn into in energy within the Home and the Senate and definitely, in the event that they get the president, they within the subsequent normal election having a federal ban on abortion. 

And, in fact, all of us learn, I believe, Justice Thomas’ plans to go additional. So, this is not about — 


KURTZ: Leslie, let me simply interrupt. 

MARSHALL: This is not concerning the American folks 

KURTZ: Mollie says — Mollie says the protection has been unfair for a very long time and it is unfair right this moment. Your tackle that, please. 

MARSHALL: I do not consider that the protection has been unfair. I believe that the protection echoes the sentiment of the American folks. 

KURTZ: By the best way, I’ve seen that when a call in any courtroom goes the best way you do not like, Supreme Courtroom, you say it is the unelected judges. Nicely, the 1973 Roe choice was additionally made by unelected judges. 

HEMINGWAY: And, in truth, that is the complete level of this choice. 

KURTZ: Sure. 

HEMINGWAY: What occurred in 1973 was that the choice was taken away from the American folks. We noticed 50 years of a lot trauma associated to folks falsely alleging that this was a constitutional proper. Alito’s choice goes into nice element about there’s nothing within the Structure about this, nothing in frequent legislation about this and the way this can be a choice that must be left to the folks. 

And that’s exactly what this choice does, it permits folks at their state legislatures or by way of poll initiatives to set what abortion legislation will probably be. 

KURTZ: Nicely, Mollie, I imply, the excessive courtroom in ’73 discovered it was constitutional proper, and it was controversial on the time, and it stay – – and that brings me truly with that is kind of the fruits of a half century effort by the pro-life motion to cease what its members view as killing infants. However you are not going to see many glowing profiles of the leaders of the motion as occurred, for instance, seven years in the past when the courtroom legalized same-sex marriage. 

HEMINGWAY: Proper. And there have been so many individuals who labored so exhausting. I imply, as a result of this was a 50-year battle there have been individuals who did not even survive to see this present day. It was the conservative judicial motion, Christians, and Catholics and different spiritual folks, people who find themselves simply human rights advocates who opposed the violence of abortion. 

It is a splendidly profitable story. However the best way that you just see it framed in most main company media is as one thing that’s reflecting their very own private leftist bias. 

KURTZ: Nicely, Leslie, for individuals who consider deeply in a girl’s proper to decide on, the 1973 choice was the proper one. So, is the media argument right here — I do know you’ve got seen it, possibly you agree with it — that the courtroom is out of step with public opinion, however is not the courtroom at numerous occasions typically out of step with public opinion? For instance, brown v. Board of Ed was not broadly common, the college desegregation order. 

MARSHALL: Sure. However in 1973 whenever you take a look at Roe v. Wade and whenever you take a look at who wrote the opinion, that was a Republican Richard Nixon at the moment appointee. And what I’ve seen and, actually, I really feel I might say this if I had been a Republican and never a Democrat, and I do not care if that is left or proper, I believe it is improper. 

There’s a purpose that Girl Justice has a scale, as a result of justices are alleged to be balanced. It is also alleged to be blind, therefore the blind daring throughout her eyes. And what I am seeing, whether or not left or proper, are courts which might be making choices that profit political events extra. And that, to me, is improper, and that me is unconstitutional. 

And naturally, the can of worms is what the priority is. It is, you recognize, once we discuss, now we have folks right here in California and as you recognize it is now a part of the California structure, however federal legislation trumps state. And now we have folks not simply right here in California, however all through the nation which might be very vocal about this isn’t the top for them. As a result of it wasn’t. 

Some folks would say that is nearly taking the ability away from, you recognize, the Structure must be within the Structure given to the states. No, that’s not the aim for lots, I dare say, most of those folks. The aim is to have abortion be unlawful in the US. That goes backwards. 

HEMINGWAY: Nicely, it’s completely true that human rights advocates do oppose the violence of abortion, that they do wish to defend girls and their kids, that they do not need folks to not have a proper to life. That may be a essential factor for all human rights advocates who care deeply about girls and their kids. 

However the choice was one thing else additionally which is what the Structure says. And that is why I want folks within the media would truly know sufficient to learn the choice to know what it says. It argues in depth about how there by no means was a constitutional proper to abortion — 


KURTZ: I will bounce in — 

HEMINGWAY: — it is clearly by no means talked about there, simply realizing the fundamental details and realizing what the — — what Alito says and what he would not say can be useful for this dialog. 

KURTZ: Beneath our system of presidency the Structure says, in the end, what the Supreme Courtroom says it mentioned and, clearly, there have been totally different choices since Roe together with the Casey in 1992. 

Let me ask you this. Some liberal pundits are saying that this exhibits, and we have talked about this earlier than, that Senate affirmation hearings are a meaningless ritual. That everybody vows to respect precedent, after which, as on this case, you could have 5 justices with John Roberts concurring what he did not wish to go all the best way on Roe, to throw out this 50-year precedent, critics would say primarily based on ideology. 

Senator Susan Collins mentioned that Brett Kavanaugh — I do know you coated and wrote a e book about his affirmation hearings — misled her with what he mentioned privately about whether or not the place he can be, not the place, how he would vote, however giving sign that he deeply revered the Roe precedent. 

HEMINGWAY: Sure. Carrie Severino and I did cowl this in our e book on the Kavanaugh affirmation. And also you hear many individuals say, if you’ll respect the precedent meaning you possibly can by no means eliminate Roe v. Wade. Nicely, everybody agreed that Roe v. Wade was very unhealthy legislation together with Ruth Bader Ginsburg who mentioned that it was a horribly determined opinion. Not that she did not assist abortion. 


KURTZ: Sure. Not all people agreed. 

HEMINGWAY: Nicely, it is not as robust, it was clearly not a robust choice. It was already form of overruled in Casey and right here now, lastly, in Roe — or in Dobbs it is absolutely overruled. However their — in the event you truly return to the transcripts and in the event you truly see what folks mentioned, they by no means, ever weigh in on future circumstances. They are going to at all times say they respect precedent, they usually do. 

And once more, Alito’s choice will get into this. He lists 5 the explanation why precedent cannot be one thing that you just maintain to within the face of frequent legislation, the clear constitutional understanding and different causes. And he explains it in intimately. 

KURTZ: Leslie, in portray this ruling as excessive, and also you touched on this briefly earlier, there’s been a really sharp media give attention to the dearth of exception for rape or incest. And girls or ladies having to deliver these infants to time period. 

In the event you’re in a state the place abortion is unlawful for no matter purpose you possibly can’t journey, you must give delivery. And I believe it goes to why we’re seeing such emotional reactions on either side, in fact, however significantly from the pro-choice aspect. Take that. 

MARSHALL: Sure. I believe you all know as a result of I’ve shared it earlier than, I am a sufferer of rape. I used to be not impregnated. If I used to be, I do not know the choice I might make. I’ve two kids. I’ve a son and a daughter, my daughter is 14, God forbid she had been ever in that place that I used to be, I simply — I cry for these ladies, I cry for not simply my kids, my grandchildren. 

Individuals say, it is one or two p.c. You realize, one p.c is 7,000 girls or ladies which were victims, and one in 10 rapes is just not reported. And infrequently incest is just not reported. 

While you take a look at the 10 states that do not have exceptions, Howard, they’ve the very best toddler mortality charges in the US. We’ve a really damaged foster care system throughout the board on this nation. We do not have sufficient funds in lots of states for correct training, for correct well being care — 


KURTZ: I acquired to get a break — 

MARSHALL: — for feeding of those kids, so that could be a concern. 

KURTZ: All proper. Much more to say about this, clearly, and robust emotions as I mentioned on either side and on this panel. 

And Brian Kilmeade joins our dialogue. However once we come again, the protection of the political fallout from the top of Roe and is that this just the start. 


KURTZ: Now let us take a look at the protection of the political battle the minute the excessive courtroom struck down Roe v. Wade. So, Mollie Hemingway, with the abortion now within the means of turning into unlawful in 26 states, do you see the media protecting these political fights on the native stage with an emphasis on preserving the best of ladies to journey to states the place it’s authorized or to get by mail these abortion-inducing tablets. 

Actually, huge front-page story in New York Occasions right this moment. Abortion tablets to take highlight as states impose bans? 

HEMINGWAY: I believe, first off, the actually unhealthy factor that we noticed within the media protection was not simply precisely conveying what the Dobbs choice does in returning it to the states, every state with the ability to set its personal legal guidelines, every state having — you recognize, lots of them have made provisions within the case one thing like this occurred and what these debate will probably be. 

KURTZ: Set off legal guidelines, sure. 

HEMINGWAY: However simply on the whole truly, I believe that an excessive amount of of the controversy is targeted on too little of the dialogue. It is a actually difficult subject. Girls and their kids and their companions and we focus a lot and miss the complete story of unborn kids. 

I imply, you by no means see company media asking questions like do you suppose it must be authorized to kill a child simply because she has down syndrome, or do you suppose it must be authorized to kill a child simply because she’s going to be a woman as a substitute of a boy? 

These are very actual points that aren’t — that folks do not ask — I do not hear sufficient folks say do you suppose abortion must be authorized by way of all 9 months of being pregnant, proper till the day of delivery? I imply, you — you — that is an important query to ask politically, and the best way it is being framed is just not being framed that is giving full weight to the problems right here. 

KURTZ: Proper. In fact, Leslie, I am certain you could have a special view of that phrase to kill a child, however you possibly can come again to that, however let me ask you this query. I am struck that Donald Trump who, in fact, appointed three of the justices that fashioned the five-four core majority in overturning Roe took full credit score, saying I didn’t cave to the novel left Democrats or their companions within the faux information media. 

However Trump didn’t denounce abortion, simply mentioned it’ll work out effectively for everyone which made me suppose that he isn’t the one Republican who’s nervous now concerning the impression on the election amongst Republicans who, whether or not they like Trump or not, are usually not completely satisfied about dropping Roe? 

MARSHALL: Nicely, chameleons technically tackle the colour of their backgrounds. Proper? I consider it was one in all his ex-wives, Marla Maples who mentioned that he had requested her when she grew to become pregnant to have an abortion in the event you consider her account in her e book. 

Sure. You realize, look, I am not shocked. And politicians do that on either side of the aisle, Howard, they push for sure items of laws or they push for sure constitutional rights. One of many larger points right here, that is first constitutional proper, whether or not you consider it is a constitutional proper or not, that has been a taken away. 


HEMINGWAY: It isn’t a constitutional proper. 

MARSHALL: And I’ll agree with one thing Mollie mentioned about questions. 

KURTZ: Sure. 

MARSHALL: I’ll agree with one thing Mollie mentioned — 

KURTZ: Let’s have that. 

MARSHALL: — I didn’t interrupt whenever you’re speaking, my buddy, when she mentioned that there have been different questions. Here is a query I’ve. This appears to place the whole lot on the feminine, proper? Females should not get pregnant. If the feminine will get pregnant, let’s depart rape and incest out of it for a minute, she in additional half of the states on this nation has to deliver that baby to time period. 

So, if she has to deliver that baby to time period and if she would not or cannot give the kid up for adoption or foster care, the place is the duty, Howard, of the person, of the daddy? Are these states — 


KURTZ: The daddy ought to completely, completely — the daddy ought to — 

MARSHALL: I agree. 

KURTZ: — completely be a part of this dialogue and have a stake in it. I am brief on time. I wish to get a quick reply from every of you. When Politico, Mollie, first obtained this draft opinion media liberals warned that the excessive courtroom would not cease there, they might attempt to throw out different rulings, and I assumed that was speculative and went too far. 

However in Clarence Thomas’ choice, sure, it is one single justice, he says that the courtroom ought to revisit choice on same-sex marriage and contraception. So, with the early media warnings on track? 

HEMINGWAY: Nicely, the problem that Clarence Thomas is speaking about there may be the way you make a decision and never simply that you have make a decision. And so, if the means by which you make a decision is flawed, you must revisit these points. 

KURTZ: Leslie, now we’re dealing with a divided nation in terms of abortion. Mike Pence has instantly known as for a complete nationwide ban. Mitch McConnell when this primary factor leak mentioned it is potential if Republicans took over Congress would transfer for a nationwide ban. So, are the media casting this as the problem or an important subject for the midterms? 

MARSHALL: It is vitally necessary subject for the midterms. Sadly, my social gathering, the Democrats do not present up within the numbers Republicans do within the midterm, and you recognize, I do not suppose they understood once we mentioned in 2016 look what number of Supreme Courtroom seats would possibly come up, you possibly can’t simply keep residence, however her e-mails. 

The underside line right here is folks should get out and vote. I get so indignant once I see these marches. That is fantastic. You are upset, we get it. However cease marching, begin voting. And there is going to be extra, Howard, I imply, there are going to be boycotts of those 26 states, and merchandise made in these states, I imply the listing goes on. However that risk and that worry is just not Hollywood. It is very actual. 

KURTZ: All proper. 

MARSHALL: My wager is we’ll see if Republicans get into management a federal ban on abortion. 

KURTZ: Leslie Marshall, Mollie Hemingway, thanks very a lot for becoming a member of us this Sunday. 

Transferring on now, thanks, OK. It wasn’t journalists quoting unnamed sources, it was Republican state officers who testified at a January sixth listening to a few strain marketing campaign by President Trump and Rudy Giuliani beginning with Arizona Home Speaker Rusty Bowers who disputed an announcement by the previous president that Bowers had informed him the state’s election was rigged. 


RUSTY BOWERS, ARIZONA HOUSE SPEAKER: Anybody, anytime has mentioned that I mentioned the election was rigged, that may not be true. 


KURTZ: Sorry, we began, there is a Fox Information alert. Let’s go to President Biden talking on the G7 in Germany. 

BIDEN: Managing international vitality wants, taking over the local weather disaster, coping with the unfold of ailments. And the alternatives we make now, for my part, are going to set a course of our world for a number of generations to return. 

These challenges are exhausting for all of us, even nations with assets of the G7. However creating international locations typically lack the important infrastructure to assist navigate international shocks like a pandemic. So, they really feel the impression extra acutely, they usually have a more durable time recovering. 

And our deeply linked world that is not only a humanitarian concern, it is an financial and a safety concern for all of us. That is why one 12 months in the past when this group of leaders met in Cornwall, we made a dedication. 

The Democratic nations of the G7 would step up, step up and supply financing for high quality, excessive normal, sustainable infrastructure in creating and middle-income international locations. What we’re doing is basically totally different. It’s grounded on our shared values of all these representing the international locations and organizations behind me. It is constructed utilizing the worldwide finest practices; transparency, partnership, protections for labor and the surroundings. 

We’re providing higher choices for international locations and for folks all over the world to spend money on essential infrastructure that improves the lives, their lives, all of our lives and delivers actual features. For all of our folks. Not simply the G7, all of our folks. 

Right now we formally launch the partnership for international infrastructure and funding. We collectively have dozens of initiatives already underway across the globe, and I am proud to announce the US will mobilize $200 billion in private and non-private capital over the following 5 years for that partnership. 

We’re right here right this moment as a result of we’re making this dedication collectively because the G7 in coordination with each other to maximise the impression of our work. Collectively, we purpose to mobilize practically $600 billion from the G7 by 2027. These strategic investments are areas of essential to sustainable growth and to our shared international stability, well being and well being safety, digital connectivity, gender equally and fairness, local weather and vitality safety. 

Let me provide you with some examples of the sorts of initiatives which might be underway in every of those areas. First, well being. Two years in the past, COVID-19 did not want any reminders about how essential funding in well being care methods had been and well being safety is. Each to combat pandemic and to arrange for the following one as a result of it won’t be the final pandemic we beneath — now we have to cope with. 

That is why the US along with the G7 companions and the World Financial institution are investing in a brand new industrial scale vaccine manufacturing facility in Senegal that, when full, can have the potential to provide tons of of hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses yearly for COVID-19 and different ailments. 

It is an funding {that a} will improve international vaccine provides in addition to true entry and fairness for creating international locations. 

Second, within the digital space our economic system’s future more and more is dependent upon folks’s skill to connect with safe info and communications applied sciences. We have to strengthen the usage of trusted applied sciences in order that our on-line info can’t be utilized by autocrats to consolidate their energy or repress their folks. 

That is why the digital make investments program is mobilizing $335 million in personal capital to produce safe community tools in Africa, Asia and Latin America. And the U.S. authorities additionally supported the profitable bid by an American firm, SubCom, for a $600 million contract to construct a worldwide subsea telecommunications cable. 

This cable will stretch from Southeast Asia by way of the Center East and the Horn of Africa to Europe. This will probably be important to assembly the rising demand for dependable, safety high-tech connectivity in three key areas of the world. 

Third, gender. When girls and ladies have the power and the chance to take part extra absolutely of their societies and economic system, we see optimistic impacts not solely in communities, however across the board — throughout the board. We’ve to extend these alternatives although for ladies and ladies to thrive, together with sensible steps to make childcare extra accessible and reasonably priced as we proceed the important work to guard and advance girls’s elementary rights. 

The US is committing $50 million over 5 years to the World Financial institution international childcare incentive fund. This public/personal partnership assist by a number of G7 companions will assist international locations construct infrastructure that makes it simpler for ladies to take part equally, equally within the labor power. 

Fourth and essential, local weather and vitality. We’re seeing simply how essential that is day by day. Your entire world is feeling the impression of Russia’s brutal struggle in Ukraine and if on our vitality markets. We’d like worldwide effort to spend money on transformative clear vitality initiatives to make sure the essential infrastructure is resilient to altering local weather. 

Important supplies which might be needed for our clear vitality transition together with the manufacturing of batteries have to be developed with excessive requirements for labor and surroundings. Quick and dependable transportation infrastructure together with railroads and ports is crucial to transferring inputs for refining and processing and increasing entry to wash vitality applied sciences. 

For instance, the U.S. authorities simply facilitated a brand new partnership between to new American corporations and the federal government of Angola to speculate $2 billion in constructing a brand new photo voltaic venture in Angola. It is a partnership that that may assist an Angola meet its local weather objectives in vitality wants whereas creating new markets for American applied sciences and good jobs in Angola and, I think, all through Africa. 

And in Romania, the American firm NuScale Energy will construct a primary of its sort small modular reactor plant. This can assist deliver on-line zero emission nuclear vitality to Europe sooner, extra cheaply and extra effectively. 

The U.S. authorities helps to advance the event of this ground- breaking American know-how which can strengthen Europe’s vitality safety and create 1000’s of jobs in Romania and the US. These offers are simply a few of what’s in retailer, and we’re prepared, we’re able to get to work collectively, all of us, to guide efforts, to guide U.S. efforts in my case. 

I appointed — I appointed Elmo Amos Hochstein, my particular presidential coordinator to cope with the remainder of our colleagues. I am going to lead the U.S. entire of presidency strategy to drive the coalition and the collaboration with the G7 and our companions all over the world together with personal sector and multilateral growth banks. 

I wish to be clear. This is not help or charity. It is an funding that may ship returns for everybody together with the American folks and the folks of all our nations. It’s going to enhance all of our economies. And it is an opportunity for us to share our optimistic imaginative and prescient for the longer term with communities all over the world see themselves and see for themselves the concrete advantages of partnering with democracies. 

As a result of when democracies display what we will do, all that now we have to supply, I’ve little doubt that we’ll win the competitors each time. Thanks. Now I invite President von der Leyen to the rostrum. 

KURTZ: President Biden giving a brief speech on the G7 in Germany. It was a little bit of a laundry listing of a speech. I wrote down speaking about international infrastructure, speaking about strategic investments, he additionally touched on local weather change, alternatives for ladies, childcare. Sort of like a stump speech the place you have to hit all of the factors. 

And as effectively speaking about well being, digital connectivity, kind of a broad brush take a look at the worldwide objectives that the President of the US would really like the G7 to maneuver towards. Truly, the actual information was made a couple of hours in the past there in Germany when the nations of the G7 determined to ban imports of gold from Russia as an extra sanctions for the brutal invasion of Ukraine. 

Going again to our recurrently scheduled programming, it wasn’t journalists quoting unnamed sources, it was Republican state officers who testified at a January sixth listening to a few strain marketing campaign by President Trump and Rudy Giuliani beginning with Arizona Home Speaker Rusty Bowers who disputed an announcement by the previous president that Bowers had informed him the state’s election was rigged. 


BOWERS: Wherever, anybody, anytime has mentioned that I mentioned the election was rigged, that may not be true. 


KURTZ: Bowers stored demanding at the moment to see proof of the alleged fraud and recalled a placing remark from Giuliani. 


BOWERS: My recollection, he mentioned we have got plenty of theories, we simply haven’t got the proof. 


KURTZ: One other Republican, Georgia’s secretary of state Brad Raffensperger responded to that considerably well-known cellphone name when Trump informed him I simply wish to discover 11,780 votes. 


BRAD RAFFENSPERGER, GEORGIA SECRETARY OF STATE: We did not have any votes to seek out. We’ve continued to look. We investigated. I can share the numbers with you. 


KURTZ: And Georgia’s Shaye Moss and her mom Ruby Freeman, each election employees, mentioned their lives had been ruined by false allegations. 


WANDREA SHAYE MOSS, FORMER GEORGIA ELECTION WORKER: I simply do not do nothing anymore, I do not wish to go anyplace, I second guess the whole lot that I do. 

RUBY FREEMAN, FORMER GEORGIA ELECTION WORKER: There’s nowhere that I really feel protected, nowhere. Are you aware the way it feels to have the President of the US to focus on you? 

JOY REID, HOST, MSNBC: The human beings who grew to become goal for Trump’s relentless effort to overturn the election. 

JOHN KING, CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT, CNN: The mainstreaming of threats and violence will probably be an enormous legacy of Donald Trump’s huge lie. 

JOSH HOLMES, RUTHLESS PODCAST HOST: There wasn’t a bit of data that we acquired right this moment we’ve not had for effectively over a 12 months. 

NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: This simply appears to make Donald Trump look terrible, simply terrible. 

JONATHAN TURLEY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Simply questioning from the opposite aspect of the aisle would have added higher credibility, and I do not suppose it might have undermined this highly effective testimony. 


KURTZ: Becoming a member of us now from New York, Brian Kilmeade, the host of One Nation with Brian Kilmeade, and naturally, co-host of Fox & Associates. And in San Diego, Laura Fink, a commentator and Democratic strategist. 

Brian, the hearings are partisan, they’re altering few minds, completely. However the media say the testimony was highly effective as a result of with it comes from Republican state lawmakers like Rusty Bowers who campaigned with Trump, who wished Trump to win. Your ideas. 

BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: Nicely, I’m going again to what Jonathan Turley mentioned. All people, all these Republicans had been telling you the within story we form of knew about. We knew who the legal professionals had been that had been telling us and telling Trump that the election was thrown, that it was not — that it was not genuine, that he didn’t — that he truly gained, that they’d been cheated in Georgia. 

We heard about Arizona, we heard about issues in Wisconsin, however we noticed no proof of it. So, that is nearly a dramatic recount of it edited collectively since you solely have one aspect of the story. They’ve even seen one documentary with a viewpoint that is what that is. 

I am not saying it is not factual, however I believe, clearly, Kevin McCarthy made a foul tactical error by not placing — in the event that they did not need Jim Jordan concerned and Congressman Banks, I get it. However there are a lot different gifted congressmen and ladies that may have requested tom pointed inquiries to say, effectively, no, that was not the case, and this was the case, and let me clarify to you why the president thought this and what introduced him to this conclusion and it might have cave at the very least get President Trump’s viewpoint on it. 

KURTZ: Sure. 

KILMEADE: For probably the most half, you could have anti-Trumpers, individuals who did not agree on now reside testimony and edited testimony on the market. In the event you do an hour interview, Howie, and also you solely pick six minutes, clearly, these six minutes assist inform your story. What about the remainder? That may have been what the opposite aspect would have carried out. 

KURTZ: You realize who agrees with you, Brian, is former President Trump who has mentioned publicly a pair occasions now that Kevin McCarthy made a silly mistake in pulling all his members. Individuals keep in mind Nancy Pelosi rejected a few of his nominees, however I assume given the heavy media protection, the pondering now amongst some Republicans is it might have been higher to have a defender or two or three on that panel. 

Laura, on this query of we’re solely getting one aspect of the story, I am struck that the majority conservative pundits at organizations together with Fox have not been addressing the precise allegation of this testimony we’re getting, Trump pressuring Justice Division officers, pressuring state officers, state legislators in key statements. 

As an alternative, we get, you recognize, is the listening to honest which is completely good to speak about, however it’s a course of query, and do most individuals care? The reply could also be no, however that is a political query. Your ideas on that. 

LAURA FINK, CEO & FOUNDER, REBELLE COMMUNICATIONS: Nicely, Howard, and I’ve to say I agree with Brian, it was an enormous tactical error on the a part of Kevin McCarthy. There have been three different members that he had urged that he pulled, and that is an issue. 

However remember Republicans, and as you mentioned, Howie, Republican pundits may completely present proof and throw up, you recognize, any kind of opposition, any counterclaims, any details that they’ve to supply within the media itself, and you are not seeing that. You are seeing silence on their half as a result of the details seem like so damning, the breadth and the depth of the conspiracy, state legislatures. 

You are seeing the Justice Division. You are even seeing the Protection Division making calls to the Italian embassy to analyze conspiracies. I believe that is what the January sixth hearings are doing that’s so compelling. And with the voices of Republicans. We all know they’re hamstrung as a result of so many Republicans are refusing to testify in entrance of the committee, however people who do, are speaking about civic responsibility, they’re speaking concerning the ethical crucial of standing up for the nation. They’re speaking about doing that within the face of widespread threats to themselves and their relations. 

And I believe that’s the story that basically is resonant popping out of the January sixth committee. And the truth that nobody is defending Trump outdoors of that committee, these committee’s partitions, we all know that that may be an efficient approach, however I believe it speaks to how a lot this isn’t — 


FINK: — a profitable subject for are Republicans. 

KURTZ: What about that, Brian? Are media conservatives leaving a void by not happening tv exhibits or writing items saying, effectively, no, no, no, that is unfair as a result of, you recognize, Trump did not actually do that or disputed a number of the testimony. 

KILMEADE: Proper. 

KURTZ: Or is it form of a method of it is a 12 months and a half in the past, the nation has moved on. If we discuss it, we give it oxygen so let’s not discuss. 

KILMEADE: I believe your latter level might be probably the most correct. I’ve mentioned this earlier than, I believed from the time when the election outcomes got here in till January sixth is the worst second of Donald Trump’s political profession, and had he simply mentioned I’ve acquired issues to this election, I will have my authorized workforce take a look at it, going to welcome the Bidens to the White Home, he’d have about 70 p.c approval ranking proper now, and a clamoring to have him again in workplace. It might be a coronation, not even an election. 

So, I believe the way you lose in life defines who you might be, and even when there are issues that hassle you, welcome to the world. Lots of occasions issues do not work out in our so-called unfair. Your workforce could not show it, transfer on. And the those that I believe he trusted rather a lot stored telling him the opposite aspect of the story. 

KURTZ: Sure. 

KILMEADE: Do not quit, Mr. President. 

KURTZ: proper. 

KILMEADE: There’s something right here. You owe it to your social gathering to maintain preventing, and he stored listening to that. And I simply suppose that you just look firstly of your present, Howie, you could have all these different points, the Supreme Courtroom choices, the gun laws. If these points are taking this away, why would you deliver the American folks again to those hearings? 

KURTZ: Nicely, to strain — 


KILMEADE: From the Republican perspective. 

KURTZ: — if former president continues to pound away at this to this present day. Laura, we confirmed a brief clip of Shaye Moss and her mom Ruby Freeman saying their lives had been ruined. The FBI informed Ruby Freedman to maneuver out of her home as a result of they could not assure her security. 

The accusation was that there have been a bunch of suitcases with ballots beneath the desk, turned out they had been simply sealed packing containers and that they weren’t improperly fed into the machines. Does that form of factor breakthrough the static as a result of it is such — you recognize, these are atypical individuals who had been attempting to do a job. Do you suppose that breaks by way of? 

FINK: I believe it does. I believe anytime you see there are actual penalties to instigating your supporters to assault folks. And I believe that we noticed these penalties on show. They had been each civil servants who had been seeking to, who had been patriots who had been seeking to protect and defend our democracy. 

And I believe whenever you assault these folks, I believe it is necessary to do not forget that that this is not only a listening to room in Washington, D.C., these are actual folks throughout the nation preventing for our small d, democracy. And we see the impacts. There actually must be accountability right here — 

KURTZ: Proper. 

FINK: — so this does not occur once more. 

KURTZ: All proper. 

FINK: And so, in fact, that has resonance. 

KURTZ: Brian, I wish to play a clip from Richard Donoghue, he testified on the listening to about strain on the Justice Division, former appearing deputy lawyer normal. First, he talks about what Trump mentioned to them in an Oval Workplace assembly, after which he talks about whether or not he would resign if a letter was despatched by the DOJ to the Georgia legislature. Roll it. 


RICHARD DONOGHUE, FORMER ACTING DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL: I am simply asking you to do is simply say it was corrupt and depart are the remainder to me and the Republican congressmen. Mr. President, I resign instantly. I am not working one minute for this man who I had simply declared was utterly incompetent. 


KURTZ: To your level, Brian, as robust as that testimony was, the stuff about depart it to me and the Republican congressmen was reported final July, and the stuff about threatening to resign when Trump was contemplating changing the appearing lawyer normal, two weeks after the capitol riot. So, when you have been following this, you knew these items. 

KILMEADE: There’s a number of stuff that goes on behind the scenes which may have a counterargument. For instance, all of us work for folks or labored with those that generally fly off the deal with. You realize you form of wait it out, depend to 10, return slightly bit later, now that you just’re calm, what do you suppose. 

You hear that is the best way the president typically works. We’ll — we’ll construct that wall, I do not care how a lot it prices, I am going to take it out of my pocket. In fact, that is not the story. Just a little bit later, he comes out and goes, how will we get this carried out. 

So, a number of these items to place in Trump phrases the best way he ran his White Home, to have somebody come again and go, sure, the president says a number of stuff. Typically he says, you recognize, this lunchroom is a large number, and if we do not clear this up, he’ll flip it right into a closet. That does not imply it is a truth. It is a man simply talking inside the confines of the Oval Workplace. So, it might have helped to have pushback. 

KURTZ: Sure. 

KILMEADE: However as soon as once more, the president was unhinged throughout that interval. I interviewed him at West Level, and he was sort sufficient to present me a couple of minutes. I’ve by no means seen him so indignant. That was in between the election and January sixth. As quickly as he had been carried out, he simply stormed off, and you recognize — I’ve identified him for 15 years — 


KURTZ: Sure, I do know — 

KILMEADE: — or 20 years previous to him going to White Home. 


KILMEADE: I’ve by no means seen him so indignant. 

KURTZ: Sure. 

KILMEADE: So, he is satisfied he was robbed, there is no doubt about it. 

KURTZ: Completely satisfied. 

KILMEADE: However I’ve not seen any proof, and these are all incremental examples. 

KURTZ: All proper. After the break, the protection of 15 Senate Republicans breaking ranks on gun security and that Supreme Courtroom ruling flattening a New York gun legislation. 


KURTZ: As 15 Republican senators together with Mitch McConnell broke ranks to assist Congress go one thing not seen in many years, a modest compromise on gun security after the heartbreaking mass shootings in Texas and buffalo, the pundits ranged from equally divided to unenthusiastic. 


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST: Leaders in each events wasted not a single second earlier than utilizing the horrifying mass homicide in Uvalde, Texas, to justify gun confiscation. Has there ever been a higher, extra brazen sellout of any group of voters than what Republican senators Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn and the remainder are doing proper now? 

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL, HOST, MSNBC: It’s minimal laws by anybody’s rating, however it’s the solely laws that has moved by way of there within the final 30 years. 


KURTZ: Brian Kilmeade, the media are praising this deal that is now been signed into legislation by President Biden, particularly Republican senators like John Cornyn of Texas who helped make this occur breaking with their social gathering and the NRA within the wake of those horrible mass shootings. 

Does the protection pretty credit score them for one thing that just about by no means occurs, which is a bipartisan compromise in a hyperpolarized Congress? 

KILMEADE: You realize, there’s few those that I like extra and respect greater than Tucker, I simply disagree with him on this. I consider Republicans acquired 80 p.c of what they wished. They did not need a ban on AR-15s, they do not have one. They did not wish to increase the age to 21 to purchase a gun, it isn’t there. 

There is not any nationwide pink flag legislation. There’s cash given to states that select to make use of it with the standards that Republicans and Democrats would settle for to have pink flag legal guidelines. The primary one went to this place known as Indiana with a governor known as Mike Pence, pink flag legislation. Rick Scott, Republican governor, pink flag legislation. I consider efficiently applied in Florida. 

So what John Cornyn did was went to bat with Senator Murphy, and Senator Murphy nearly acquired nothing what Joe Biden requested for. He wished, you recognize, the top of assault weapons. That did not occur. 

KURTZ: Certain. 

KILMEADE: What I believe all of us can say is one thing they did try this instantly impacts Buffalo and Uvalde. 

KURTZ: Sure. 

KILMEADE: They will look again at an 18-year-old’s report to see if he is a whack job, if he is acquired a historical past of violence and being unstable, and each these guys would have been stopped from shopping for a gun. 

KURTZ: Proper. 

KILMEADE: And in the event you purchase a gun for any person, the straw purchaser, they will be punished too. 

KURTZ: Proper. 

KILMEADE: So, if I am a Republican, I am fairly pleased with this. 

KURTZ: I do not suppose whack job is within the legislative textual content, however I am going to verify on that. Laura, Donald Trump slammed the brand new legislation, saying it is step one to remove your weapons. Matt Gaetz, the congressman, known as dissenting senators of his personal social gathering traitors, however aren’t media liberals form of, lukewarm as a result of they wished way more sweeping motion? 

FINK: Nicely, that is completely true, and welcome to Washington. I believe you by no means would have seen this laws with no Democratic majority. It was Democrats that had been compromising on what they wished, Democrats who supplied the overwhelming majority of the invoice’s votes and Democrats who negotiated inside the phrases that, as Brian urged, Republicans may and would count on. I believe that is why you see this carried. 

If we would have had a Republican majority, you would not have seen something like this hit the ground as a result of they would not have had the votes. 

KURTZ: Proper. 

FINK: So, I do suppose, sadly this week, the media protection, you recognize, it should get buried slightly bit and hopefully because the election approaches — 

KURTZ: Sure. 

FINK: — we’ll hear extra speak concerning the success as a result of there have been so many points particularly with the choice on Roe v. Wade approaching Friday. 

KURTZ: Nicely, I am going to let you know what. With out 10 Senate Republican votes, this would not have occurred even with all Dems. OK. Additionally, Brian, as you recognize the Supreme Courtroom placing down a century-old New York gun legislation saying you need not show a particular want to hold a gun in the event you’re licensed for it outdoors the house. There was an explosion of opposition from the New York governor to the New York mayor, president and vp, and the press portrayed the ruling as form of approach on the market. 

KILMEADE: No query. Six-three choice. They mentioned that is second modification even for New Yorkers and 6 different states that claims you possibly can carry a gun until there is a purpose why you should not. All this stuff which were outlined previously, psychological issues, historical past of violence, issues of that nature. Why should not it’s with the remainder of the nation. 

However then Kavanaugh has that two-pager inside it, and it says, hear, identify the locations you do not need them carrying a gun, a statehouse, a courtroom, 1,000 ft of a college, nursery faculties, no matter. Choose up these locations after which put some construction to the dearth of restrictions. And I believe that is extra in tune with what the second modification says. 

KURTZ: Sure. 

KILMEADE: And I believe like with the opposite gun legislation, Howie, it is like, look the place it is working — 

KURTZ: Sure. 

KILMEADE: — look the way it’s working, and New York can we probably have a cool head beneath strain for the primary time in historical past? 

KURTZ: All proper. 

KILMEADE: Do not overreact. Simply truly lead. 

KURTZ: I simply wish to get Laura in. I imply, clearly, a number of state battles right here. Look, it is a six-three Clarence Thomas ruling on a courtroom with a six-three conservative majority, however pundits are free to criticize. Briefly. 

FINK: Nicely, the three — let’s simply take a look at the ocean change within the circumstances that they are listening to beneath this new, the three Trump appointees have shifted the courtroom extraordinarily far proper, a lot in order that the rights of states to control weapons has basically been taken off the desk with this ruling. 

It is a landmark case for that purpose. The opposition to states’ rights on the problem of gun management is now cemented, and that has wide-ranging results for — 

KURTZ: Sure. 

FINK: — the impression of states to control them in any respect. 

KURTZ: And it is in New York. Which at all times get extra consideration. 

All proper. Brian Kilmeade, Laura Fink, thanks very a lot for becoming a member of us on these matters. 

FINK: Thanks, Howie. 

KURTZ: Up subsequent, how the authorized battle over Roe is being coated. 


KURTZ: Becoming a member of us now on the authorized fallout of the Supreme Courtroom’s abortion ruling is Andy McCarthy, Fox Information contributor who writes for Nationwide Assessment. 

Andy, I do know you suppose Roe was a travesty, however clarify to a layman how a constitutional proper that the Supreme Courtroom present in 1973 primarily based on privateness, controversial on the time, might be tossed out as nonexistent in 2022 as a result of rather a lot within the media are saying it is simply politics? 

ANDY MCCARTHY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Nicely, no, it is actually, it is the legislation being extra devoted to what the Structure says. And, in truth, in the event you simply wished to micro take a look at Roe and nothing else, Howie, Roe did not even final 20 years. I imply, the precise technical fact is that we have been beneath Casey for nearly 30 years as a result of Roe was so unstable and poorly reasoned when it got here out that it needed to be scrapped aside from the underside line holding of it by the Supreme Courtroom lower than 20 the years later. 

So, it is at all times been an unstable holding. And at a time the place originalism as a authorized philosophy has gotten extra traction than it had a half a century in the past, that is, I imply, the clearly is the top of that, however it was coming for a very long time. 

KURTZ: Sure. And the product of a 50-year pro-life motion aimed toward this very end result. What about respect for precedent? There’s been a number of media skepticism, each nominees of each events over time genuflecting at their affirmation hearings concerning the significance of respecting precedent and the argument that this undermines religion within the Supreme Courtroom which, by the best way, new Gallup ballot says solely has a a 25 p.c approval ranking. 

MCCARTHY: Nicely, I believe all people is aware of, you recognize, Dred Scott is just not the legislation anymore and Plessy versus Ferguson is not, precedent might be overruled. And I assumed Justice Barrett particularly in her affirmation listening to was excellent at explaining to those that stare decisis, which is that this doctrine of respect for precedent, is just not a tough and quick authorized rule, it is a authorized check to determine which precedents that we must always retain. 

And in the event you apply that to Roe versus Wade, it is by no means been candidate for stare decisis as a result of, as I mentioned, it was unstable for the start — from the start. It was scrapped by the Supreme Courtroom, at the very least the innards of it, lower than 20 years later. And the check they changed it with, Howie, in Casey was one which invited steady further challenges as a result of it arrange this undue burden check — 

KURTZ: Sure. 

MCCARTHY: — which invited states to control. So, it was by no means actually secure. 

KURTZ: Sure. And I perceive that a number of nonlawyers observe this they usually say, effectively, you recognize, six-three key majority. However let me flip to this Samuel Alito ruling itself. As a result of it talked concerning the 14th modification which was the premise half for Roe and the way it was permitted in 1868. He says we have to take a look at how issues had been in 1868. Nicely, there have been no airplanes or telephones then. How did the justices arrive at that? 

MCCARTHY: Nicely, you recognize, there’s a number of speech that now we have now that they did not have in 1787 both, proper? 

KURTZ: Proper. 

MCCARTHY: Lots of strategies that now we have now that weren’t out there when the Structure was adopted. So, what you do in constitutional interpretation is you determine what the enduring rules of the Structure had been on the time that the provisions you are speaking about had been adopted and apply these to trendy circumstances. 

And the query the courtroom is asking going ahead is, if you wish to have unenumerated rights that is enforced, they should be core to the inspiration and the historical past of the US, — 

KURTZ: Acquired it. 

MCCARTHY — they usually’re not going to be acknowledged. 

KURTZ: All proper. Andy McCarthy, thanks a lot for ready for us on the present right this moment. 

That is it for this version of MEDIA BUZZ. I am Howard Kurtz. These battles are going to proceed on the state stage, the media have each duty to cowl them and to cowl them pretty whether or not it is abortion, weapons, or no matter. 

Take a look at my podcast, Media Buzz Meter. You’ll be able to subscribe at Apple iTunes, Google podcast, or in your amazon machine, a number of totally different locations. We acquired all of it in. Most of it anyway. We’re again right here subsequent Sunday, we’ll see you then with the most recent buzz. 



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