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‘Hannity’ on infrastructure invoice, border disaster

It is a rush transcript from “Hannity,” August 11, 2021. This copy might not be in its ultimate kind and could also be up to date.


Tonight, we’re monitoring a number of creating tales together with among the footage that you just simply noticed Hunter Biden’s laptop computer from hell. The present — it reveals the president’s son expressing blackmail issues whereas in mattress with a feminine companion. We’ve the whole three and a half minute video that we’ll play in full.

Here is a part of it.


HUNTER BIDEN: No no no, as a result of my dad (INAUDIBLE) working for president. He’s, he’s, he’s. I speak about it on a regular basis, (INAUDIBLE). In the event that they do, he additionally is aware of I make like a gazillion {dollars}.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They’d attempt to blackmail you?


HANNITY: By the best way, Adam Schiff, you at all times search for compromising supplies to provide to the FBI. I feel we discovered them. We’ll play the whole three and a half minutes. That is arising. Someone would possibly wish to inform the congenital liar from California, Adam Schiff, to observe. We have the compromising supplies lastly.

Additionally with California’s recall election simply weeks away, Gavin Newsom’s ballot numbers sinking like a rock and now the strain now seems to be greater than he can deal with. We have video of Newsom in a public meltdown. That is arising.

And later, Olympic champion — keep in mind we have talked lots about her — Tamyra Mensa-Inventory will be part of us reside together with her inspirational story with an unimaginable younger girl and what she has finished for her mother will encourage. All her feedback in regards to the nation will encourage all.

However, first, let’s examine, we received masks mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, social distancing, new guidelines popping up all over the place for we, you, the American individuals on the request of the Biden administration and their obvious supervisors within the CDC and the NIH. CDC now saying even when you’re absolutely vaccinated — yeah, you possibly can nonetheless get COVID. NIH is advising mother and father to put on masks inside their very own house.

Wow, okay, the delta variant. Sure, it is very critical they inform us. I agree. However for some motive, their issues, their mandates magically, utterly, completely disappear with regards to our southern border.

As we communicate now, a 25-year report variety of unlawful immigrants are pouring throughout that border, most unvaccinated, many contaminated with COVID. In truth, 20 p.c of migrant youngsters now testing optimistic for COVID and 18 p.c of households. That’s double the positivity charge in the whole U.S.

However the Biden administration simply can’t be bothered to search out the actual resolution. In different phrases, the one he inherited and removed.

Let me be very clear tonight, any American that will get COVID, any American that must be hospitalized, God forbid any American that finally ends up dying from COVID that’s traced again to Joe’s open borders, that is Joe Biden’s fault. He’s now formally placing American lives in danger along with his open borders insurance policies in the midst of this pandemic after which dispersing individuals all around the nation and never testing most people in any respect, no mandates for unlawful immigrants, just for Americans.

And have a look at your display screen, we’re seven months into this disaster, in the midst of a pandemic and that is what our border services seem like proper now. Migrants actually stacked on high of one another in small rooms and jail cells and cages that Joe Biden constructed, till they dispense and disperse individuals all around the nation.

And get this, in response to a brand new report from “The Day by day Caller”, after days packed inside these overcrowded Biden cages and services, whereas migrants are finally then transported on personal unmarked jets to Abilene, Texas, after which loaded onto buses and industrial flights with locations all throughout the U.S.

Once more with a excessive charge of COVID positivity, that is insanity as a result of it is draconian measures for you, the American individuals, no testing for those that are breaking our legal guidelines not respecting our sovereignty or our borders. I assume that is what “America final” insurance policies seem like.

In Tacoma, Washington, one overflow migrant facility the place greater than a thousand migrants had been transferred, they’re now experiencing what’s a large COVID-19 outbreak, in response to “The Seattle Occasions”, hardly a conservative information outlet, whereas the federal government launched about 570 detainees it deemed at excessive danger for contracting COVID-19, the hurt is completed.

Indubitably, the border disaster is the only largest nationwide super- spreader occasion within the historical past of the U.S. However the COVID warriors and the Biden administration is pretending like none of that is taking place, no disaster in any respect. I do not see any disaster right here.

Even worse, they’re truly encouraging migrants to return by elevating the restrict on refugees, ending the very profitable Trump period “keep in Mexico” coverage, reinstituting the catch and launch program below Obama that Donald Trump stopped. Now, it is not even catch and launch. It is course of and launch. In truth, at the very least 50,000 unlawful immigrants have been dispersed all around the U.S. with out a lot as a courtroom date.

Our system is simply not able to processing the over million plus unlawful immigrants which have entered our nation since Joe Biden’s inauguration. By the best way, these are the unlawful immigrants the one those we find out about that had been truly processed and detained briefly by legislation enforcement. We don’t know what number of unlawful immigrants slipped throughout undetected as a result of all these assets just about are in only a few areas.

And tonight, our federal authorities likes to scold Florida. likes to scold Texas, not taking COVID significantly sufficient. Why? As a result of Governor Abbott, Governor DeSantis will not power anybody to put on masks at school? However given this disaster on the southern border, migrants packed in cages, small rooms, not examined, then dispersed nationwide?

Effectively, it is apparent. It is clear. It is clear. Joe Biden clearly does not actually give to Adam Schiffs in regards to the unfold of COVID-19 except he can use it to bludgeon his political enemies or blame Trump.

To that finish, it seems that the CDC was caught red-handed, padding the day by day COVID numbers proper out of Florida.

Right here with extra, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, together with FOX Information contributor, Ari Fleischer.

All proper. Jim, easy factor — Americans, passports, necessary vaccinations, necessary masks sporting or you possibly can’t get wherever. However you see what’s taking place on the border. We’ll be at a 25, 30-year report excessive of unlawful immigrants. No one’s barely even getting examined down there, however dispersed to the whole nation.

REP. JIM JORDAN (R-OH): Yeah, Sean. I do not wish to hear something about COVID instances in Florida, masks mandates in New York, vaccine passports — I do not wish to hear something about that till the Biden administration offers with the disaster they created on our southern border. There isn’t a different conclusion any rational particular person can attain apart from that is intentional, that is deliberate.

They’re intentionally attempting to hurt our nation as a result of March was the very best stage on report for unlawful crossings till April. April was the very best month till Could. Could was the very best month till June. June was the very best month till two days in the past after we received the July numbers.

That may be a dangerous development. That’s intentional. They’re doing what Hillary Clinton mentioned 5 years in the past. They’ve created a borderless hemisphere.

And the American individuals want to know it is deliberate. That is what they’re doing and so they’re attempting to shift blame and shift all the pieces else to the place it does not belong, attempting to assault governors who’re truly attempting to do the appropriate factor for his or her — for his or her constituent, Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbott.

HANNITY: , Ari, you are a fairly good political observer. So, all these draconian measures — vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, masks mandates for residents. Nothing — not even testing for unlawful immigrants in report numbers.

Your response?

ARI FLEISCHER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: , that is the precise sort of factor that the American individuals see and really feel and acknowledge immediately is simply plain mistaken, when we’ve to undergo all these hurdles ourselves after which we glance and we are saying, however different individuals as a result of they got here right here illegally do not should get topic to what we’re topic to?

That is how voters prove in report numbers. It simply evokes anger as a result of individuals know the federal government is doing one thing they shouldn’t be doing.

However, look, on the individuals coming right here, Sean, as you realize, I am a primary technology American. My mom is an immigrant to this nice nation, I need immigrants to return to America. However you must come right here legally.

And for this reason the largest mistake Joe Biden has made was to cease constructing the wall. It was working. It is common sense, and it nonetheless permits individuals to return right here legally as a result of they’re coming the appropriate approach, and that will have helped us with COVID, too, wished to have (ph).

HANNITY: And, you realize, and once more, when you undergo the method, I am not towards the immigration both and I do not care the place you come from. , I feel sure issues have to be — I feel definitely in gentle of the pandemic, a well being screening. I feel we’d like a background screening, in gentle of what occurred on 9/11, and I feel individuals want to point out that they’re able to caring for themselves financially and never being a burden on the American individuals — hardly draconian in my thoughts.

However, Jim Jordan, that is the truth. Is there any measures that Congress can take to cease the lawlessness?

Now, what’s taking place down there, not solely are they not implementing the legislation, they’re aiding and betting and additional law-breaking. I do not know — I really feel if Sean Hannity did it or Jim Jordan did it or Ari Fleischer did it, we might most likely be in a complete heck of a variety of hassle for choosing and selecting what legal guidelines we select to not obey or assist and abet others and breaking the legislation.

JORDAN: No. I imply, all we are able to do is speak about. We get — we are able to draw to the American individuals’s consideration simply how dangerous it’s. We are able to we are able to say what everyone knows now to be the case, that that is intentional.


That is deliberate. That is attempting to hurt the nation. That is making a borderless hemisphere as I mentioned earlier than.

We are able to hold speaking however frankly, Ari’s proper. We’ll win again the Home after which we are able to start to do one thing. However Joe Biden is the chief department. He is the one who has to implement the legislation of the land and he refuses to do this.

So, the opposite factor we are able to do is we are able to give up listening to Dr. Fauci. He is been mistaken on all the pieces. I’d say this — how about we begin listening to folks and cease listening to Dr. Fauci? That may assist the state of affairs general in our nation as properly.

However it’s irritating, however the fact is they’re intentionally deliberately doing this.

HANNITY: Hashtag fireplace Fauci, I prefer it.

Final phrase goes to Ari Fleischer.

What ought to Republicans do at this second, Ari?

FLEISCHER: Effectively, they should hold making the case, making the general public case. We have been right here earlier than. We had been there with President Obama in 2010, and Republicans had the largest win within the Home in 70 years.

Republicans have the flexibility to speak and categorical what’s mistaken, and when Joe Biden goes on this large redistribution of revenue, greatest spending spree, permitting individuals to return into the nation illegally, not dealing with COVID correctly, Republicans have a fantastic case to make for why the Democrats and Joe Biden must be thrown out.

HANNITY: Congressman Jim Jordan, Ari Fleischer, at all times nice to have you ever each. Thanks.

All proper. Tonight, whereas the border disaster spirals uncontrolled, inflicting a nationwide super-spreader occasion, the largest in historical past, state and native governments, they’re now ramping up mandates for you and in your youngsters.

At an area college board assembly in Tennessee, docs advocating for masks mandates in colleges, they had been met by a large crowd of very offended mother and father. In the meantime out in California, we’ve Governor Newsom is now mandating vaccines or frequent weekly testing for all lecturers.

And, in fact, the ever so flip-flopping Dr. Anthony Fauci is loving the mandates. In line with Fauci, we should all be prepared to sacrifice our particular person freedoms for the higher good. Wow. Have a look.


HOST: Do you agree with Randi Weingarten, the top of the biggest lecturers union within the nation, who got here out yesterday and mentioned, sure, lecturers must be vaccinated inside colleges? Do you assume they need to be mandated to be vaccinated?

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: Yeah, I’ll upset some individuals on this however I feel we should always. I am sorry. I imply, I do know individuals should prefer to have their particular person freedom and never be instructed to do one thing, however I feel we’re in such a critical state of affairs now that below sure circumstances, mandates must be finished.


HANNITY: Now, I’ve a query tonight. Why is it the nice flip-flop Fauci, the nice physician that the Democrats love and the media loves a lot, why has Fauci by no means as soon as, not one time that I’ve seen speak about what is going on, the super-spreader occasion at our southern border? Dr. Fauci, what do you must say about what is going on on at a southern border earlier than you are prepared to remove America’s constitutional rights, issues like medical privateness, doctor-patient confidentiality?

Right here with extra, Arkansas GOP gubernatorial candidate, Sarah Sanders, together with FOX Information medical contributor, Dr. Nicole Saphier.

Dr. Saphier, you have been following COVID as intently as anyone I do know. You see what’s taking place at our southern border. We all know most individuals are usually not being examined. We all know they’re being dispersed all all through the nation. We all know there is a excessive charge of COVID positivity.

Is it seemingly that because of these insurance policies, Individuals will contract COVID? That some will even be hospitalized, that individuals will die due to these very insurance policies, open borders?

DR. NICOLE SAPHIER, FOX NEWS MEDICAL CONTRIBUTOR: Effectively, Sean, this can be a very — you realize heated dialogue matter of dialogue proper now and whereas I can not actually attest to what’s taking place on the border. I can inform you with regards to infectious illness and the migrants crossing our southwestern border, that is at all times been a problem we have at all times had issues about tuberculosis bringing antibiotic resistance and different type of infectious illnesses that right here in america could also be below management.

However a few of these migrants coming from South America perhaps do not have the identical medical care or vaccination charges that we do right here. The identical is to be mentioned with regards to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

So I’d — I’d hope that on the border, that the identical approach that we’ve implored previously, that we’re doing tuberculosis screening and follow-up continues to be occurring for individuals who now in COVID-19 pandemic.


HANNITY: However, Physician, the factor is it is not taking place and they’re being dispersed and it is properly over one million individuals. We had the bottom charge of unlawful immigration when Donald Trump left workplace. Now, it is the very best in 25 years and with such a excessive charge of COVID positivity after which dispersing individuals with out even testing them, no mandates just like the American individuals are burdened with does not it simply make sense that they will unfold it, people who have it?

SAPHIER: Actually, Sean, it does not actually make sense that we’ll put journey bans on the U.Ok. and different locations throughout the globe due to sure variants circulating, but we do have individuals coming from the southwest border. If we would not have the assets to check, hint quarantine and to make sure follow-up, then no, that will be irresponsible after which that would result in additional unfold.

HANNITY: Effectively, we all know that it is not taking place, and that that’s my greatest level.

Sarah Sanders, let me ask you — one factor that is pissed off me all through all of that is the strain quantities on me to play physician on TV and radio which I refuse. I say take it significantly.

I inform everyone. I mentioned you do that — that is critical. Persons are dying. Listen. Do your analysis. Have a look at your individual medical historical past, which solely you realize, and your present medical situation, seek the advice of your physician, your docs make that call in session with them.

However so far as the individuals on the border, I do not see passport mandates — mandated passports for the individuals throughout the border. We’re not even testing them. No masks mandate, no vaccine mandate in any respect.

SARAH SANDERS, ARKANSAS GOP GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: Completely, I imagine in private freedom and accountability. And it is completely ridiculous and absurd that we’ve a totally open border, permitting individuals to return in with no test in anyway. But, we’ve authorities entities that wish to shut down colleges wish to shut down church buildings, wish to shut down companies right here in america, implement masks mandates and vaccine mandates on these people, but utterly open up the border.

I feel that we’ve to be sure that we do not have these mandates throughout the nation. However individuals have to take their — such as you mentioned — make their very own determination and so they should have the flexibility to do this.

Look, I have been vaccinated. I’ve inspired my family and friends to take action. However they should not be pressured to do it as a result of some authorities bureaucrat instructed them they needed to.

No enterprise must be shut down as a result of the federal government tells them that they don’t seem to be important, and no college or church should not be allowed to function as a result of the federal government tells them that it is not essential. We’ve to have private freedom and accountability and the federal government should not be capable to utterly impose and shut individuals down the best way that they’ve tried, whereas on the identical time opening up our southern border with no protections in anyway.

HANNITY: , and this one-size-fits-all drugs, Dr. Saphier, there are individuals with uncommon situations whose docs advocate to them based mostly on their situation in historical past to not get the vaccine. Are we taking that into consideration?

And if we’re actually following the science, do you agree with the Cleveland Clinic science that mentioned when you had COVID, you do not want any of the three vaccinations? That is their science. That is not Hannity science. , it is a extremely prestigious medical establishment.

SAPHIER: Effectively, Sean, it is not even simply the Cleveland Clinic at this level. We’ve ample knowledge displaying that pure immunity supplies effectiveness towards a extreme illness from SARS-CoV-2. In truth, Israel confirmed that reinfection following prior an infection is about seven instances much less seemingly than if you’re absolutely vaccinated.

So I discover it to be very myopic that the CDC continues to low cost the safety of pure immunity. They solely do it for SARS-CoV-2. They acknowledge pure immunity for measles, chickenpox and plenty of different viruses, however they’re so myopic proper now in attempting to encourage vaccination that they are actually truly not following the science.

And as you talked about, there are some situations — certain, it might not be contraindicated to get vaccinated, but it surely does trigger for pause some individuals who could have a cardiac situation, a historical past of myocarditis, pericarditis, sure autoimmune illnesses and others.

Once more, it is not contraindicated however there’s there ought to definitely be a dialog between that particular person and their doctor as as to whether or not they need to get the vaccine. It shouldn’t be as a result of a restaurant or a enterprise or someplace instructed them they should get the vaccine to be employed there or go there.

It is a medical determination and once more if somebody has antibodies protecting pure immunity to say that they want a vaccine to guard themselves and to others round them shouldn’t be following the science and to — sadly, I blame the CDC for being so narrow-minded proper now and never truly seeing and acknowledging what many different international locations are doing, that you probably have proof of pure immunity, then that is most likely nearly as good if not higher than the vaccines.

HANNITY: And, by the best way, Sarah Sanders, I feel your dad’s mad at me as a result of I predicted that you’ll be a a lot better governor than he was and he was a fairly darn good governor. It is a fairly excessive bar. I hope he is not that mad at me.

SANDERS: I do not assume he is too mad at you. I am fairly proud of you so hopefully that is all stability it — stability it out.

HANNITY: All proper. Thanks each. We admire it, Dr. Saphier and Sarah Sanders.

After we come again, essentially the most beautiful revelation from Hunter’s laptop computer to this point. “The Day by day Mail” has now launched the stunning video of a unadorned Hunter. We’ve the whole three and a half minutes. It reveals and means that Joe Biden himself could also be compromised by the Russians. By the best way, we’ll get a authorized evaluation from Greg Jarrett.

And any individual, please name Adam Schiff and remind him that I’ve the compromising supplies.

And later, Olympic gold medalist Tamyra Mensah-Inventory will be part of us. Why she loves America and the nice love she reveals her mother — an inspiring story — straight forward.


HANNITY: All proper. Lastly, the compromising supplies about Russia and a compromised president or doubtlessly compromised president for Adam Schiff — yeah, they’re now out. Explosive video from “The Day by day Mail” tonight within the chronicles of Hunter Biden. Zero expertise Hunter reportedly again in speaking with a girl about how he apparently had one other laptop computer and that it was stolen whereas he was drugged out in a lodge room and folks had been questioning if he was even alive. He references sellers that “The Day by day Mail” is reporting are Russian and saying the laptop computer had footage of him engaged in intercourse acts and different of Hunters let’s simply name them — properly, Hunter moments.

And Hunters even heard bragging about making a, quote, gazillion {dollars} a variety of instances. Keep in mind, this whereas his dad was working for president. , the large tech that protected his father working for president, the candidate safety program.

So, as you watch this, I need you to consider one thing — based mostly on what, three plus years about the entire Russia conspiracy hoax, lies about Donald Trump, the soiled Clinton purchased and paid for file, oh, let’s examine uh hookers urinating in a mattress within the Ritz Carlton in Moscow and all the pieces else. Is not it beginning to seem to be it is Hunter Biden that all the pieces the media lied to you about concerning Trump and tried to say was true about Donald Trump may very well be true?

However not about Trump. Alleged Russian blackmail intercourse tapes and far more.

Now, I’ll inform you viewer discretion is suggested, this courtesy of “The Day by day Mail” in its entirety. Have a look.


HUNTER BIDEN: So anyway, and so they had kicked everyone out. And so they had cleaned up the whole place, all the pieces okay? And so they had been on the point of depart, and I awakened. And there was this Russian 35-year-old, very nice, pure brunette.

(INAUDIBLE) I do not know the way lengthy. She refused to go away till they — she refused to go away and so they would not name an ambulance. And so they did not know whether or not I used to be lifeless or not, at first.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They could not simply come over and test (INAUDIBLE)

HUNTER BIDEN: They checked to see if I used to be respiratory. After I lastly confirmed indicators of breath, at first I wasn’t respiratory, I used to be within the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) pool face down, they do not know how lengthy.

Anyway my laptop, I had taken tons of like, simply left like that cam on. And he would at all times put in a passcode and all that, you realize what I imply? It was (EXPLETIVE DELETED) loopy (EXPLETIVE DELETED). And any individual stole it throughout that time period. He did all this sort of like fake search and (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

I feel he is the one which stole my laptop. I feel the three of them, the three guys that had been like just a little, like group. The seller and his two guys, I took them all over the place. (EXPLETIVE DELETED) all over the place, loopy out of your thoughts (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

The Russian (INAUDIBLE) shed stroll out with a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) bathing go well with in her hand.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What’s on the pc?

HUNTER BIDEN: They’ve movies of me doing this. They’ve movies of me doing loopy (EXPLETIVE DELETED) intercourse (EXPLETIVE DELETED), you realize.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How way back did this occur?

HUNTER: Summer time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So it might have been out already in the event that they —

HUNTER: No no no, as a result of my dad (INAUDIBLE) working for president. He’s, he’s, he’s. I speak about it on a regular basis. In the event that they do, he additionally is aware of I make like a gazillion {dollars}.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They’d attempt to blackmail you?


HUNTER BIDEN: Yeah, not directly, yeah. (INAUDIBLE) He sells them. However he sells them anonymously to TMZ.


HANNITY: Now we did attain out to Hunter Biden’s lawyer for feedback, but to listen to again. And after seeing all this, perhaps Russia obsessed congenital liar Adam shifty Schiff, the congenital liar, properly, perhaps he must be investigating compromising supplies. Hunter Biden saying that the Russians seemingly took his laptop computer, as a substitute of mendacity as he did for 3 years to the whole nation about Donald Trump, Russia, the soiled Hillary Clinton file, et cetera, and getting caught being tricked by Russian pranksters.

Simply in case you forgot, it is one among my favourite tapes of all instances. Yeah, that is Adam Schiff searching for compromising supplies.


PRANKSTER: And he or she met with Trump and he or she introduced him one Russian woman celeb, Olga Buzova, who also referred to as an individual with an odd popularity.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D-CA): Olga — and the way do you spell her identify?

PRANKSTER: Olga Buzova.

SCHIFF: And what is the nature of the Kompromat?

PRANKSTER: Effectively, there have been footage of bare Trump.

SCHIFF: And so, Putin was made conscious of the supply of the comprising materials?

PRANKSTER: Sure, in fact.

SCHIFF: Thanks very a lot. We might be again in contact with you thru our employees to make preparations to acquire these supplies for our committee and for the FBI. And I admire you reaching out to us.


HANNITY: So, he wished to get the compromising supplies to provide to the FBI. Perhaps he’ll take these compromising supplies.

Right here with response, all this massive breaking information, FOX Information authorized analyst Greg Jarrett.

Okay, what do you hear on that tape, as a result of I hear that not solely did Hunter Biden get all this cash from China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, with no expertise, however now, he is admitting that the Russians have compromising supplies on him?

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Yeah, this provides a complete new dimension, Sean, to the notion of Russian collusion. I imply, if it is true that the Russians stole this specific laptop computer one among three that Hunter appears to have misplaced and he implies fairly clearly he thinks the Russians stole it, that invitations a number of questions. Have Joe and Hunter Biden been blackmailed by the Russians? Was there an try at blackmailing them? Or would possibly there be a future try — would possibly the Russians be holding this laptop computer as a bargaining chip for future overseas coverage negotiations with america to the detriment of its residents?

, Joe Biden might be blackmailed in three other ways, not simply the intercourse tapes contained their ring which might be embarrassing to the president United States, however any delicate data that he Joe Biden conveyed to his son, which has been reported. Along with that, what about incriminating proof of corruption and affect peddling that was contained on one other of Hunter Biden’s laptops?

So I’d assume that the FBI and intelligence businesses within the U.S. can be deeply involved. It is a critical, official nationwide safety concern.

And my query for them is — have you ever sat down with the president United States and Hunter Biden and interrogated them about this, demanded that they hand over any supplies related to this?

, one of many issues I discussed — it has been reported and confirmed that Joe Biden was utilizing a personal e-mail tackle to ship delicate authorities data to his son, who shouldn’t be cleared for labeled data. It is a crime to convey labeled data if that occurred — simply requested Hillary Clinton.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this — I have been provided the laptop computer, my attorneys will not let me settle for it. The explanation I am instructed is as a result of what’s believed to be on it. I’ve three particular person and separate sources which have instructed me that there are footage on this laptop computer, most likely the very issues that alerted John Paul Mac, the pc repairman to alert the FBI.

The FBI has been in possession of those laptops for fairly a while.

Now, Miranda Devine I feel will reveal a variety of this data in her e book. My query is, why has it not been revealed now and if this — and I do know you realize what’s being mentioned on the market as a result of we’ve related sources, why has there been no arrests at this level?

JARRETT: It is damning data that appears very very like affect peddling and corruption. The U.S. lawyer in Delaware has carried out a two- yr investigation, and, Sean, we’ve not seen subpoenas, search warrants. We definitely have not seen indictments and prosecutions. It actually makes you marvel, what is going on on right here? Is that this actually a honest, vigorous investigation or are the Bidens being protected? Is not it fascinating that each time that Obama appointed Joe Biden as the purpose particular person for Ukraine, China, Russia, all of a sudden and magically, hundreds of thousands of {dollars} stream into the financial institution accounts of Hunter Biden’s from people in these international locations with ties to their governments?

, it definitely seems to be like political corruption and it might be actionable felony corruption as properly. I think so.

HANNITY: All proper. Gregg Jarrett, we’ll be following the story. It isn’t over. That I can inform you.

All proper. I have been wanting ahead to this interview all day. Olympic gold medalist and wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Inventory together with her inspiring story that impressed the nation, her love for the purple, white and blue, for her mother. She joins us for an unique interview, arising subsequent, as Hannity continues.


HANNITY: All proper. Now, Olympic gold medal winner Tamyra Mensah-Inventory impressed the nation with victory in Tokyo. That is proper, gold medal victory after which impressed hundreds of thousands in her transferring press convention the place she talked about her deep love for this nation and the nation’s greatness and the glory of God.

And get this — she’s celebrating — by the best way, by no means knew that when you win a gold medal, you additionally win $37,500 and he or she’s taking all of her winnings to meet the dream of her mother, and getting her a meals truck.

Gold medal winner Tamyra Mensah-Inventory — I say it, proper? I may have tousled your identify earlier than within the tease. I apologize. Thanks for being with us.

You turn out to be my hero on the Olympics. You had been the shining gentle for this nation on the Olympics. Thanks a lot for all you probably did.

TAMYRA MENSAH-STOCK, GOLD MEDAL-WINNING WRESTLER: You’re very welcome and also you mentioned it just a little mistaken. It is Tamyra, but it surely’s okay. It is high quality.

HANNITY: Effectively, thanks for being right here.

So I you realize you mentioned a variety of issues right here and you realize once you’re speaking about — and I am not dragging you into my horrible world of politics, I promise. It isn’t — it is extra about your life and the fervour that you just spoke about how nice this nation is. Inform me simply extra about the place that comes from.

MENSAH-STOCK: , actually, I am not fully certain. Like my mother raised us to be respectful and my dad was an immigrant and he got here from Ghana, he got here to America, and he made a approach for himself like he had a complete bunch of companies.

And like he made nothing out of one thing or he made one thing out of nothing, and I simply know that when you exit and get what you need, nothing can cease you. So I assume like simply from these sort of mother and father in my life, I simply have love for my nation.

HANNITY: So, the quantity of labor that goes into be a champion athlete, you mentioned the toughest factor you ever did in your life and also you win Olympic gold, and I do not know — I imply, to see you so completely happy, it was — it was infectious happiness for therefore many different individuals and I have been speaking about it lots.

And also you had promised your mother. Inform me in regards to the promise to your mother for the meals truck and I am dying to know what sort of meals your mother makes as a result of I wish to go to her truck once you purchase it and be a buyer.

MENSAH-STOCK: So giving all glory to God, I drastically admire that I am even capable of be within the place to supply my mother the meals truck of her desires. However little shock — there was truly one thing that got here out that stunned her on a unique station, any individual is definitely shopping for my mother a meals truck and making it from scratch. So she is about to be getting a hefty sum for her meals truck and it should be the meals truck of her desires.

And it should be referred to as P Lickles (ph) — what does she need? It is referred to as P Lickle’s (ph) Most interesting.

And he or she’s going to be making African meals. She needs to bake sweets and he or she’s going to be making barbecue and I feel she needs to base it out of San Antonio, I am not fully certain however —

HANNITY: , my favourite barbecue is ribs. Does she make ribs and rooster? That is my favourite, private favourite.

MENSAH-STOCK: She does, she does.

HANNITY: I’ve my very own little — grasp constructed electrical — a smoker in my yard, I like it. I take advantage of it on a regular basis. However I am certain it is not nearly as good.

So, now, she’s had just a little enterprise at house you talked about in a single interview, and now, she’ll have the truck and he or she’ll be capable to you realize present this meals and this nice meals for therefore many individuals. Have you learnt the placement of it but?

MENSAH-STOCK: The street — you mentioned the rotation, what do you imply by that?

HANNITY: The placement of the place the truck goes to be?

MENSAH-STOCK: Oh, the placement. Oh. So proper now, it should be being made in San Antonio, Texas.

HANNITY: Proper.

MENSAH-STOCK: And he or she loves cooking in Houston as a result of she has her little sizzling spots that she liked going to when she had her pit on wheels. So I am fairly certain she’s going to be going to Houston, Texas, however she would possibly go to San Antonio too.

I do not know what she needs to do. She would possibly wish to journey all around the nation who is aware of like she’s been supplied with the meals truck of her dream, so she will be able to actually go wherever and do no matter. And I am extraordinarily excited for her.

HANNITY: Effectively, when you make a map, I will put it up on my web site and social media websites and let everyone know the place and when she’s going to be. I occur to have household there and I am discovering as quickly because it opens, I’ll be down there and be on-line and, you realize, ready for it.

I heard you you are going to strive yet one more time? You are going to you are going to go for 2024?

MENSAH-STOCK: I’m. I am truly going to be going to world championships in three months in Oslo. So, yeah, I am simply going to be attempting to extend that legacy as a result of why not? God’s given me this reward. So I’ll see how far it could possibly take me.

HANNITY: Yeah, it is superb — your unimaginable work ethic, your love, your ardour is infectious. Your story is superb. , what you probably did for your loved ones is past inspiring and, you realize what? It is a very contentious world we reside in and a narrative like this lifts everyone up.

And I can not thanks sufficient for that and thanks for being on this system.

MENSAH-STOCK: Thanks for having me. I simply wish to unfold love and pleasure.

HANNITY: We may — we may use just a little extra of that proper now. Thanks a lot and we’ll be — I’ll be following your profession intently. I am massive into the octagon, blended martial arts, and wrestling.

So, it is how — I prepare each day, however I am — I’d by no means go — you’d crush me. I — you are too nice, you realize? You are too good I can not get in – – I could not go down that street. However it was inspiring to observe all of it thanks for sharing that story.

All proper. After the break, failed Governor Gavin Newsom had an absolute meltdown lately when he received a number of robust questions from the mob within the media, uncommon second. We received the tape, and response.

Leo Terrell, straight forward.


HANNITY: Now, Governor Gavin Newsom seems to be on the verge of the entire collapse within the recall race, even received very testy with the press lately when he truly received a number of robust questions — very uncommon for him — on crime, reducing high quality of life throughout California. Have a look.


GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM (D), CALIFORNIA: And I completely reject that individuals cannot do something about retail. I imply, I did not go to legislation college. I wasn’t good sufficient to go to legislation college. I could not go the LSAT, however I can learn the penal code part.

Loads of these rattling D.A.s on the market, Republican D.A.s, act like they cannot do a rattling factor due to Prop 47. That is not true.

Hey, guys, forgive, I am just a little pointed immediately, however I have been taking lots from a number of people for lots of months. It is good to have the ability to categorical myself, too. It will be rattling good of our homegrown crew began specializing in what’s proper.

All people outdoors this state is bitching about this state due to our success. I am happy with it. I am not (INAUDIBLE) our aggressive liabilities, that is why we’re attempting to handle them.


HANNITY: And for the primary time in years, extra individuals left California than are going into California. Nice job, Gavin. I hope you benefit from the eating places you went to when others could not, however the truth that your youngsters had in-person studying by the remainder of California did not — identical at summer season camps in each different COVID hypocrisy you are concerned in.

Right here with response, Leo Terrell.

I see a man that sound solely offended however determined and nervous that perhaps, your endorsed candidate, Larry Elder or Caitlyn Jenner or any individual goes to be him.

LEO TERRELL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Let me inform you proper now, that is a complete meltdown. Gavin Newsom is simply too radical for Democrats in California.

What’s taking place is he has been instructed the reality. Democrats need him out, Republicans, blacks, white, brown — 54-41, Hispanics need him out. what, Sean? He is mendacity to himself. He’s disconnected to mainstream individuals dwelling in California.

He mentioned crime goes down. He simply set free a assassin –a mentally disabled man who was buried alive. He welcomes homelessness right here. We’re the capital of homelessness.

This man has principally saved youngsters, individuals of coloration, of all coloration come out of college. He has destroyed California. Final yr was the primary time I wished to go away California.

He is been instructed the reality. He’s unlikable, and folks of all events, reduce colours, ethnicity need him out.


HANNITY: So, there was solely 40 p.c of California saying that they need him undoubtedly him to remain. Okay. I assumed that was the large hurdle, that is query one. Meaning if he will get recall there might be a brand new governor in California.

Are you saying you imagine the percentages are excessive that he will get — he will have tens of hundreds of thousands of {dollars} flooding the airwaves within the final month, I feel 22 million ballots are being despatched out this week. I do not know if I belief something California as a result of it is run by Democrats, you are saying that is — there’s an opportunity he’s gone?

TERRELL: Let me take into consideration that — sure, and I will offer you some factual motive why. Possible voters, he’s in hassle. He is below water with seemingly voters.

And I will inform you proper now, Sean, you possibly can’t discover anybody to say, identify me one factor Gavin Newsom has finished. Not his cronies, I am speaking about individuals on the road. The barber store homeowners, magnificence store homeowners, grocery retailer staff.

He has Hillary Clinton issues. He is unlikable. He is unlikable.

HANNITY: All proper, Leo. Did you just like the final interview? How nice is our Olympic gold medal champion? Wonderful.

TERRELL: I choked up. That girl is superb and a job mannequin. I used to be choked up. Nice interview.

I will inform you proper now, Sean, Gwen Berry, you must go up and study this younger girl. Gwen Berry, study lots from her.

HANNITY: Thanks, Leo.

Extra HANNITY subsequent.


HANNITY: All proper. Sadly, that is on a regular basis we’ve left this night. Please set your DVR, 9:00 Japanese, 6:00 Pacific, so that you by no means miss an episode.

Within the meantime, let not your hearts worry, Laura Ingraham has an enormous, large present, subsequent. Laura?

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