‘Water Found For First Time On Potentially Habitable Planet’

London: Astronomers have for the primary time found water within the ambiance of an exoplanet with Earth-like temperatures that might assist life as we all know it.

K2-18b, which is eight occasions the mass of Earth, is now the one planet orbiting a star exterior the Photo voltaic System, or ‘exoplanet’, recognized to have each water and temperatures that might be doubtlessly liveable, based on the examine printed within the journal Nature Astronomy.

The planet orbits the cool dwarf star K2-18, which is about 110 gentle years from Earth within the Leo constellation, researchers stated.

The invention is the primary profitable atmospheric detection for an exoplanet orbiting in its star’s ‘habitable zone’, at a distance the place water can exist in liquid kind, they stated.

“Finding water in a potentially habitable world other than Earth is incredibly exciting,” stated Angelos Tsiaras from the College Faculty London (UCL) within the UK.

“K2-18b is not ‘Earth 2.0’ as it is significantly heavier and has a different atmospheric composition. However, it brings us closer to answering the fundamental question: Is the Earth unique?” stated Tsiaras.

The crew used archive knowledge from 2016 and 2017 captured by the ESA/NASA Hubble House Telescope and developed open-source algorithms to analyse the starlight filtered by way of K2-18b’s ambiance.

The outcomes revealed the molecular signature of water vapour, additionally indicating the presence of hydrogen and helium within the planet’s ambiance, researchers stated.

They imagine that different molecules together with nitrogen and methane could also be current however, with present observations, they continue to be undetectable.

Additional research are required to estimate cloud protection and the share of atmospheric water current, the researchers stated.

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