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This Ram Lila in Prayagraj glorifies Ravana

Prayagraj: When the entire nation glorifies and worships Lord Ram on Diwali, the Katra locality in Prayagraj celebrates the demon king Ravana.

Katra is claimed to be the maternal residence of Ravana and the folks right here give him a befitting prominence. The processions are taken out in his honour and Ram Lila has a selected celebration of his character.

In line with the Ramayana, Rishi Bharadwaja married his daughter Ilavida with Vishrava and Ilavida bore a son, Kuber, the lord of wealth and the unique ruler of Lanka.

Later, Vishrava additionally married Sumali’s daughter Kaikesi who bore him 4 youngsters. The eldest was Ravana, who ousted his half-brother Kubera and have become the king of Lanka.

“As Rishi Bharadwaja’s ashram was at the place, which is known today as Katra, for the local people, this locality is still Ravana’s ‘nanihal’,” stated Ram Naresh Tripathi, an eminent Sanskrit scholar.

He stated that each one different Ram Lilas will start from September 29 which is the primary day of ‘Navratri’, the Katra Ram Lila, nevertheless, commences on September 28.

Ashwani Agarwal, who directs the 2 distinguished and the oldest Ram Lilas of town in Katra and Pattarchatti, says, “The first day’s act would be birth of Ravana and about how he grew to his full adulthood soon after his birth.”

The Ram Lila at Katra can be completely different because it additionally exhibits the beginning of Goddess Sita and the way she bought her identify.

“She was found in a vessel deep inside the earth when King Janak was tilling a field and the front part of the plough hit the vessel. In our drama, Ravana, which is enacted by a young artist Abhishek Rana, soon after taking birth, became an adult and tells his mother as he is born a demon, he cannot do bhakti and instead would indulge in wrongdoing so that one day Narayana (Vishnu’s avatar that would be Lord Ram) would kill him and he would get salvation,” defined Agarwal.

Abhishek Rana, who performs Ravana, stated, “At the first instance when I was offered the role way back in 2015, I was reluctant, but later thought that what is Ramayana without Ravana. This Ram Lila here also provides a better insight of the demon king as an intellectual, which was more thrilling for me. It was this role which earned me work in Mumbai where I am engaged in a number of projects. I have taken leave for 15 days and have come here to perform the role.”

The organisers make sure that the individual enjoying the position of Ravana belongs to the Brahmin neighborhood.

Not solely the Ram Lila, the native folks additionally take out a ‘Ravana baraat’ to mark the event.

Katra is, maybe, the one place in north India that celebrates Ravana. In south India, significantly Mysore, Ravana is glorified.

This yr, the committee has spent an quantity of Rs 2 lakh for the costume of Ravana and the jewelry that the demon king would put on when he rides the ‘baraat’.

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