Sushant’s Friend Reveals Why The Actor Was Punished On First Day Of Standard Eleven

New Delhi: It was in 2001 that Sushant Singh Rajput got here to the Capital from Bihar to pursue increased research. He had taken admission in Kulachi Hansraj Mannequin College, the place he made just a few good pals.

Amongst them is Navya Jindal, who went down reminiscence lane and shared a humorous anecdote in regards to the late actor on his first day of eleventh customary in class.

“Sushant and I actually met on the first day of eleventh class. We bonded well on the very first day, may be because we were newcomers and non-Delhiites. I remember we introduced ourselves, and then sat together. Soon, we were talking non-stop and, all of sudden, Sushant cracked a hilarious joke. It was so funny that all of us burst out laughing. Of course, the teacher noticed. And she shunted all of us out of the class and made us stand holding our ears,” Navya recalled, chatting with IANS.

“Imagine — it was our first day in a new school, and we got punished! I can never forget that day. And guess what? The moment actually even got captured! One of our schoolmates had mobile phone back then. He started making fun of us, but instead of feeling bad, Sushant and I started laughing louder,” Navya stated.

Navya additionally shared an image of that candid second with IANS. Within the picture, Sushant, Navya and one other good friend stand holding their ears, in purple college blazers. Sushant even sports activities a cool black cap.

Navya additionally revealed that one of many college lecturers used to name Sushant “Casanova”.

“Sushant was everyone’s favourite. He was the centre of attraction during school time. Girls would always want to talk to him. He had a charming personality. Our chemistry teacher even started calling him Casanova! She used to stay peeved with us, mostly. Padhai likhai me dhyaan nahi hai, awaragardi karni hai. That’s how she would scold us!” Navya recalled.

He says he had the perfect time of his life with Sushant, recalling how the 2 of them as soon as rented a automotive for a day simply to journey to Murthal, Sonipat, to eat parathas at an area dhaba.

“I remember we were in class XII. We did not have license to drive a car, but we rented a car and drove down to Murthal to have parathas. That long drive was beautiful. Sometimes, it is fun breaking rules, right? Sushant believed in living in the moment. He was a fun-loving guy,” Navya recalled, including that the 2 used to take heed to Kishore Kumar songs on a regular basis.

“He was a die-hard fan of Kishore Da. We used to listen to and sing his songs all the time. Whenever I made mistakes with the lyrics, he would slap my head. According to him, it was a crime to make mistakes in the lyrics of a Kishore Kumar song,” Navya laughed with a tinge of nostalgia.


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