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PM Modi shames Pakistan for terror during pandemic at NAM web-summit

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday subtly shamed Pakistan for perpetrating cross-border terrorism in India and operating propaganda to create a wedge between India and its allies on the web-summit of the Non-Aligned Motion (NAM) nations.

Although the Prime Minister didn’t point out Pakistan by identify, he stated that even because the world was preventing COVID-19, “some people are busy spreading other deadly viruses such as terrorism, fake news and doctored videos to divide communities and countries.”

The summit was held on Monday, on the initiative of President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, the present chair of the NAM, to reinforce coordination of the member states of their struggle in opposition to the coronavirus pandemic. Pakistan, represented by President Arif Alvi, participated within the summit as nicely.

After the UN, the NAM is the largest group of nations with 120 members. This was the primary time that Prime Minister Modi attended the NAM summit after assuming workplace in his first time period in 2014. He had skipped the 2016 summit, changing into the primary Indian Prime Minister to take action.

Modi on Monday on the NAM summit stated that the coronavirus pandemic had demonstrated the restrictions of the prevailing worldwide system.

“In the post-Covid world,” Prime Minister stated, “we need a new template of globalisation based on fairness, equality and humanity. We need international institutions that are more representative of today’s world,” he stated.

India has been persistently and emphatically asking for structural reforms in international establishments because the pandemic hit the world.

Although the NAM has been thought of irrelevant and ineffective, Prime Minister Modi on Monday stated, “Today, humanity faces its most serious crisis in many decades. At this time, NAM can help promote global solidarity.”

The motion, he stated, has typically been the world’s ethical voice. “To retain this role, NAM must remain inclusive,” he stated.

Briefing the NAM summit about India’s efforts in combating the pandemic, Modi stated, “Despite our own needs, we have ensured medical supplies to our 123 partner countries including 59 members of Non-Aligned Movement. We are active in global efforts to develop remedies and vaccines.”

Throughout this disaster, the Prime Minister stated, “we have shown how democracy, discipline and decisiveness can create a genuine people’s movement.”


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