Kangana Ranaut Trolled Badly For Her Obsession With Hrithik Roshan

Social media customers trolled Kangana Ranaut badly after she made a considerably sudden assertion on her Twitter deal with. The Queen actress earlier as we speak commented on an article associated to the affair and breakup of Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan. The article speaks about how SSR and Sara have been very a lot in love through the taking pictures of Kedarnath. It additional says that Sara dropped Sush after the debacle of the latter’s Sonchiriya.

Kangana says in her remark, “News of SSR and Sara affair was all over the media, apparently they were even sharing a room during their outdoor, why these fancy Nepotism kids show dreams to vulnerable outsiders and then publicly dump them? No wonder he fell for a vulture post that.”

Kangana Ranaut doesn’t cease with this. She additional includes the identify of Hrithik Roshan and compares her rift with the actor to that of a breakup between Sara and Sushant. By the way, there isn’t a relevance between Sushant and Sara’s story and Kangana’s so-called affair with the Krrish actor.

Even then, she says, “I believe Sara must’ve loved him he wasn’t a fool to fall for a girl whose affection isn’t genuine but she must have been under pressure, what I shared with Hrithik was genuine at that point I still have no doubts about it why suddenly he became so hostile is still a mystery to me.”

Twitterati Slams Kangana Ranaut for Her Obsession With Hrithik Roshan

Many of the followers are appreciating the stand of the Style actress within the case of Sushant. Nevertheless, they felt that dragging the identify of Hrithik Roshan in all this was not acceptable.  Many imagine that her obsession with Hrithik or jealousy is her true nature. One of many customers stated, “Many of us who appreciated Kangna Ranaut earlier, are zapped to see her public conduct. Perhaps she was always this person – jealous, petty-minded, and somewhere a person with no real understanding of her true self.”

Yet one more consumer wrote, “Even if your love(obsession) is genuine for Hrithik, Hrithik never ever loved you and you are not even his friend. The whole world has seen that you provided one edited picture to prove your obsession with Hrithik but Hrithik exposed u the very next day only. HR is d, true Gentleman.”

Just a few customers are even questioning her stand for Sushant. Just a few are calling it as part of her agenda.

There was no counter reply from Kangana Ranaut to those trolls. Nevertheless, just a few of her followers nonetheless hope that she forgets Hrithik and discover somebody appropriate and transfer on.


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