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Half of lunar missions involving landing failed in last six decades: NASA fact sheet

New Delhi: Solely half of the lunar missions involving touchdown on moon floor have succeeded within the final six many years, in keeping with NASA.

There have been a complete of 109 lunar missions from 1958, out of which 61 have been profitable, says the US house company’s ‘Moon Fact Sheet’.

As many as 46 missions concerned touchdown on the lunar floor, together with touchdown of the rover and pattern return. Out of those 21 have been profitable, whereas two have been partially profitable.

Pattern return means mission that includes accumulating and returning samples to earth. The primary profitable pattern return mission was Apollo 12 of the US launched in November 1969.

Within the early hours of Saturday, Indian house company ISRO’s plan to smooth land Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram module on the lunar floor didn’t go as per script.

The lander misplaced communication with floor stations throughout its remaining descent, ISRO officers stated, including that the orbiter of Chandrayaan-2 — second lunar mission — stays heathy and protected.

This 12 months, Israel, too, launched its lunar mission Beresheet in February 2018 nevertheless it crash landed in April.

In 2008, India had launched Chandrayaan-1 which had an orbiter and an impactor. One in every of achievements of the mission was discovery of water molecules on the moon.

The maiden mission to the moon was deliberate by the US in August 17, 1958, however the launch of Pioneer zero was unsuccessful.

The primary profitable mission to the moon was Luna 1 by the united states on January 4, 1959. It was additionally the primary ‘Moon flyby’ mission. The success had come solely within the sixth mission.

From 1958 to 1979, solely the US and the united states (now Russia) launched Moon missions. In these 21 years, the 2 nations launched 90 missions. There was a lull within the decade that adopted with no lunar missions from 1980-89.

Japan, the European Union, China, India and Israel have been late entrants.

The nations have launched totally different lunar missions — orbiters, landers and flyby (orbiting the moon, touchdown on the moon and flying by the moon respectively).

In a span of slightly greater than a 12 months, from August 1958 to November 1959, the US and the united states launched 14 missions. Solely three — Luna 1, Luna 2 and Luna 3 — have been profitable. All have been launched by the united states.

The Ranger 7 mission launched in July 1964 by the US was the primary to take close-up footage of the moon.

The primary lunar smooth touchdown and first footage from the lunar floor got here from Luna 9, launched by the united states in January 1966.

5 months later, in Might 1966, the US efficiently launched the same mission Surveyor-1.

The Apollo 11 mission was the landmark mission by which people first stepped on the lunar floor. The three-crew mission was headed by Neil Armstrong.

Japan launched Hiten, an orbiter mission in January 1990. This was additionally Japan’s first Moon mission. After that, in September 2007, Japan launched Selene, one other orbiter mission.

There have been six lunar missions from 2000-2009 — Europe (Good-1), Japan (Selene), China (Chang’e 1), India (Chandrayaan-1) and the US (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and LCCROSS).

From 2009-2019, ten missions have been launched of which 5 have been despatched by China, three by the US, and one every by India and Israel.

Since 1990, the US, Japan, India, the European Union, China and Israel launched 19 lunar missions.

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