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Gandhigiri by Iranian protesters gets Twitterati praise

New Delhi: A piece of Iranians protesting towards a pointy rise in petrol costs of their nation embraced Gandhigiri handy out flowers to troops deployed to manage them, evoking help and reward from Twitterati.

Amid an Web shutdown, Twitterati posted a number of clippings of protesters distributing flowers to safety personnel in an Iranian metropolis.

A person remarked: “Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi”.

With a hashtag IranProtests, a person posted a clipping and wrote: “History has repeated itself. In the runup to the 1979 revolution, protesters handed out flowers to the police. In this video, protesters in Shiraz are handing out flowers to the riot police”.

One other person wrote: “Protesters giving flowers to the police saying “We are not the enemy”, in Shiraz.”

A person wrote: “Fight hate with Love!!! I love it!!”

“To stand in the face of terror with love and to try to bring civility to the chaos, is an act of true bravery. Sadly, people will lose their lives in this battle as history has shown us over & over. But goodness will prevail. Hoping for sooner than later”, wrote a person.

A person posted a clipping of a burning car together with a comment: “Yes but then they opened fire on protesters.”

One person posted a throwback image with protesters placing flower stems in gun barrels of troops and wrote: “#flowerpower #bernieboston march on the #pentagon #WashingtonDC”.
“Protesters in India should check this out”, wrote a person.

One was clearly reminded of a Sanjay Dutt-starrer film. He wrote: “Munna bhai MBBS style”.

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