Chetan Bhagat Reposts Self Confidence Video After Getting Slammed By Elitist Gang

Chetan Bhagat reposted his self-confidence constructing video on Twitter after getting slammed by the elitist gang of reporters and writers. In his tweet, the writer says, “Putting up a short video I did on building self-confidence, which is always important in life. People may try to bring you down but learn to fight back and never give up your own self-confidence. (Video did really well on Insta so sharing it here.)”

Within the video Chetan Bhagat says, “Almost as important as hard work and talent is to become successful in life, you need self-confidence. In a way it is everything.” Additional, he clarifies the distinction between self-confidence and overconfidence. Chetan says self-confidence is the assumption in self that you could be taught one thing and obtain it.

The timing of this video could be very important contemplating the way in which massive names from the media, tried to drag the Half-Girlfriend author down a day in the past. The social media customers welcomed this new publish from Bhagat. A person referred to as it a ‘cool video.’ One other person requested the celebrated author to give you a ‘How to destroy someone’s self- confidence video.’

Chetan Bhagat Says, Not Threatening Anybody, Simply Addressing Snobs & Elitists  

Yesterday, Bhagat as soon as once more opened up about how Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Raj Kumar Hirani, and Aamir Khan failed him. As is thought the blockbuster film Three Idiots was primarily based on Bhagat’s novel 5 Level Somebody. However the crew of the film didn’t credit score the author graciously sufficient. It has at all times been the bone of competition between Chopra and Bhagat.

Not surprisingly, Anupama Chopra, spouse of VVC and a longtime film critic slammed the author harshly. Shortly a collection of such tweets from elitist gang adopted.

In her reply, Anupama stated, “Each time you think the discourse can’t get lower, it does!” Madhur Menon replied, “Absolutely. Writing rubbish is his domain.” Giving reply to one of many trollers, Bhagat stated, “Your bio tells who you have worked for before. Interesting. Anyway, I have not threatened anyone. I am simply addressing snobs and elitists and telling them not to play dirty. Again, read sensibly. Don’t get rattled.”

Not the one to take issues frivolously, Chetan Bhagat answered every tweet in his model. Social media customers not solely loved this banter but additionally supported the well-known writer on this Twitter tirade.

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