Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra Had Plans Of Marrying Girlfriend In 2020

Mumbai: “Bigg Boss 13” contestant Paras Chhabra is perhaps in information for his cosy moments with fellow contestant Mahira Sharma within the “Bigg Boss” home, however at one level of time he apparently had plans of marrying his girlfriend Akanksha Puri.

“We had plans. That was the last conversation Paras and I had just before he entered his vanity (van). He was keen that we shouldn’t delay anymore and that it should happen soon (after the show got over),” Akanksha advised Mumbai Mirror.

“He was very happy. But I was somebody who said that you first come out then we’ll talk about it. I think this is his time. I want him to focus on his work as he has really waited for this for a long time. Right now, these things can wait,” she added.

When she was requested about their marriage in 2020, Akanksha mentioned, “Maybe. Let’s see. I’m not sure. I’m just waiting for him to come out (of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house). There are a lot of things that I need to clear. If I go inside the house and talk to him about these things, he is not going to give me an exact answer as he will still be in the game. So, I’m just waiting. Let’s see where it takes us. I’m prepared for everything.”

“There are a few things which he has done that have really upset me about. He has lied about a few things. I know it is a part of his game but I didn’t like it. I take a lot of pride in myself and I am a very strong person, so if anybody is calling me weak or someone who keeps crying, I’ll not be able to take it,” she added.

In a current episode, Mahira’s mom was seen coming into the “Bigg Boss” home as a visitor. She had requested Paras to not kiss her daughter that he typically does. “The way she said it was very cute and I don’t find anything wrong in it. I don’t know why people are taking it in a wrong way,” Akanksha mentioned.


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