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Apple is mendacity to you about your iPhone’s battery

Let’s discuss iPhone battery well being.

Extra particularly, that quantity that you would be able to see in case you head over to Settings > Battery > Battery Well being.

In case your iPhone is new, then you definately count on this determine to be at 100%.

And also you most likely count on this quantity to tick down as your iPhone — and the battery it accommodates — will get older.

However what if I informed you that quantity was meaningless?

What if I went additional and mentioned that there is nothing that you are able to do to maintain your battery at 100% ? That, in reality, how lengthy it takes to tick down from 100% to 99% relies on probability?

All of it begins with the truth that the rated capability of the battery is an estimate.

Not all batteries are the identical.

Some batteries have somewhat extra capability when new. Others rather less.

YouTube channel Payette Forward took a deep dive into the numbers, and show that the Battery Well being quantity removed from an ideal science, and that attempting to maintain your battery at 100% is all the way down to pure luck.

Backside line, every time you cost up your iPhone — or anything containing a battery — the battery is sporting out somewhat bit. 

Batteries are a consumable merchandise. Hold maintain of your machine for lengthy sufficient and in the future you will want to exchange the battery.

Why has Apple included this determine in iOS? 

Perhaps it is there as a visible reminder that your iPhone is getting outdated and you should exchange it.


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