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About Us

Realty Diary established in 2018 with prime focus to provide accurate, innovative and timely information about the real estate industry.

Realty Diary is a leading source for in-depth and reliable news on Real Estate.Read the breaking Real Estate coverage and top headlines from around the world on Realty

Realty Diary is a globally read ‘digital real estate portal and magazine’ that publishes, distributes and syndicates real estate and property market news, rates, reports, investment trends and industry data on India as well as world.

Our readers include decision makers from real estate and its allied industries such as estate agencies, agents, leading property development and construction companies, surveying, architecture to a broad range of ordinary readers who just have a general interest in real estate, investment and home improvement.

The Realty Diary is currently top ranked ‘Real Estate Magazine, Real Estate Magazine India’ in the world today by Google and many others.

NewsWorldpress officially on Google Play